Friday, 18 January 2013

How God likes to get our attention #2

My last blog post looked at the different ways God likes to get our attention when He wants us to go and speak to people when we're out and about. This post is about how He gets our attention by bringing people to us. I've tuned into the fact that God loves to do this over the last little while and it really is a lot of fun. He's got such a great sense of humour! Here are some of the ways God sometimes brings people to us.

1) Someone starts to speak to you 'out of the blue' - If someone starts a conversation with you for no apparent reason be aware that God might be setting you up for an encounter. Engage in the conversation while at the same time asking God if there's anything He'd like to say to the person that will encourage them or open them up to Him.

This once happened to me in Costa. The lady on the next table to me said hello as she was getting up to leave because she recognised me from church. She'd only been along once and had been a Jehovah's Witness for many years. She was with her daughter and seemed very open to chat. Throughout the course of the conversation I was able to share a word of knowledge with the daughter and her mum and had the opportunity to pray for the daughter for some breakthrough in her life. The following Sunday at church the same lady came up to me and told me that she'd given her life to Jesus that week! She has an incredible story of life change and freedom which I'll try and get her to write up so I can post it here sometime. All of this came out of her initiating conversation with me!

2) Someone starts to tell you about their sickness or a particular pain in their body - A friend of mine was on a tube once travelling to a conference, when a guy she'd never met came and sat next to her and started complaining very loudly about the arthritic pain in his knees. My friend knew that this was a set up, but she was on a tube! Surely she couldn't offer to pray for someone on a tube! I guess God really wanted her to pray, because the knee guy kept complaining more and more loudly as the journey progressed. My friend finally plucked up enough courage to offer to pray (I have huge amounts of respect for her!) If someone around you starts to complain about a sickness or pain in their body, the likelihood is that you are being set up by God. Ask Him for courage to offer to pray and then see what the Father will do

3) 'Backed into a corner' encounters - Sometimes God likes to make it so clear that He's about to do something, it's literally like He backs us into a corner. We then have little choice but to offer to pray. These are my very favourite encounters. God is so funny sometimes!

A friend of mine, Caroline, was at the gym cooling down with friends after a work out. She'd previously prayed for a lady there and her ankle had been completely healed. Mid cool down this lady, who'd been healed before, came up to Caroline (she'd been working out in a different part of the gym) and said to her. 'You know that thing you did with my ankle...can you do the same thing with my knee?' Caroline was pretty stumped. She was cooling down with friends who didn't have any concept of God healing and wondered if the lady meant for her to pray straight away. 'Caroline...that thing you did with my ankle, can you do it with my knee, it's in quite a bit of pain. Go ahead and put your hand on it.' Caroline had little choice but to pray! After a short prayer, the lady tested her knee and all the pain was gone so she went back to her work out. Caroline then turned round to her now wide-eyed friends with a bit of explaining to do. A 'backed into a corner' encounter. Ever had one of those?

I'm sure there are other ways that God can bring people to us. These are just a few that I've experienced personally. What have I learned about God in the process? He's much more eager than I am for people to encounter Him. If we increasingly learn to open our eyes to what He's doing we'll see that He's setting us up for supernatural breakthrough all over the place. Happy encountering!

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