Monday, 3 December 2012

New Levels

I had a text last week from one of my friends saying that during a cover lesson she was taking on Philosophy in a local middle school 15 of the kids had got healed and about 17 responded to give their lives to Jesus for the first time! I thought she was joking, 'that kind of stuff doesn't happen in schools in the UK!' But she wasn't!

When I got home after hearing the full story from her (it is an outstanding story!) I was really troubled by the level of unbelief that was clearly in my heart. As I was praying and asking God to forgive me He gently reminded me, 'you used to believe this stuff was possible' I used to be a teacher myself and on many occasions as I drove up the drive of the school I taught at I dreamed about God invading my workplace believing that He could transform every child and colleague in an instant. 

I struggled to go to sleep immediately that night and chose instead to read a chapter of my new God's Generals book and to read through story after story recorded in this very blog of breakthroughs I've experienced in God. I needed something to stir again in my spirit. I realised that I had become satisfied with lack over the last little while. That even though I have the privilege of leading a supernatural training school I had taken my foot off the gas when it came to intentionally pressing in for more breakthrough. I was thoroughly provoked and thanks to God's grace stirred to make a change.

I was able to repent at TSM the following day. First to my team and then to the students. I repented for not doing an amazing job at modelling pressing in for breakthrough, for being satisfied with lack and in certain areas being lazy with the gifts God has given me. I asked them to keep me accountable this Sunday to start my preach with specific words of knowledge. They did; I went for it; God spoke!

I brought a word of knowledge about someone who'd recently had a dream with a wolf in. A lady responded who'd had a dream about a wolf in the last week and God really blessed her as I shared prophetically what I felt God wanted to say. I also felt God give me a street address (something God has said I will get prophetically - I'm learning that in order to get them you have to ask!) Eagle Gardens. It turned out that a lady in the congregation had been visiting someone in Eagle Gardens that afternoon. God really met with her as I prophesied about an increase coming to her in the prophetic. God is so kind!

At the end of my preach a guy came up to me and asked 'what do I do to get rid of my sins?' This has never happened before, I really loved it. I wonder if it was a little gift from my Dad because of my decision to be intentional again with the gifts He's given me, to be obedient to His promptings. He loves it when His kids are obedient. How are you doing at being intentional? 

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