Monday, 19 November 2012

TSM Blog

Some of my amazing TSM team have recently set up a TSM blog. The idea behind it? To keep you up to date with all the amazing things God is doing in and through our current students and to give you some insight into some of the lessons we've learnt along the way and are still learning.

For those of you who haven't heard of TSM, it stands for Training for Supernatural Ministry and is a training school based out of the King's Arms Church, Bedford. I have the privilege of leading the school with an outstanding team and we are currently in our fourth year with 42 students. The vision of the school is to train and equip believers to live what we believe is the normal Christian life - seeing the Kingdom of God break out wherever we go. We are on a journey together of understanding who God is as our Father, who we are as His children and what it is we can expect to see happen when God's Kingdom breaks in.

The plan for the TSM blog is to have a new post every Thursday and for the focus of the posts to rotate over the course of a month. One week will be a post about TSM outreach - what we're seeing God do out on the streets as we look to walk through fear with opportunities He opens up to us. One week will be from a past/current student telling you of their experiences of the course and how their life has been impacted. One week will be from a guest blogger - either a member of the TSM team, leaders in our church - sharing their thoughts on anything they feel God speaking to them about at that time (I get to be the guest blogger in December!) And one week will be based on the stuff that's been going on during our TSM sessions, what God's been saying/doing, to let you in on something of our week by week journey.

The TSM blog will be well worth subscribing to. Check it out here and be part of the TSM adventure.

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