Saturday, 8 September 2012

Breakthrough at Newday!

Newday is a New Frontiers youth event where thousands of teenagers gather to worship Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him.  This year I had the privilege of leading seminars that equipped the young people to be used by God to see His Kingdom break out on the streets of Norfolk.  Below is a remarkable story from one of the teams!
'Last week at Newday I took a team of teenagers out treasure hunting in Lowestoft. As we were praying on the coach on the way there God gave me a picture of a high street with a tunnel of fire down it. I thought that meant God was gonna really pour out His spirit in Lowestoft. When we arrived our host, Tim, said he’d had a dream that night. In this dream the front page of a newspaper was titled “God Heals in Lowestoft”. Before we left I prayed that we wouldn’t have to go up to anyone that day but instead people would come to us.
So off we went down the street to the centre of town. When we got there I noticed the high street was exactly the same as the one God had shown in the picture on the bus! A few of us were stood in the middle of the street looking at our treasure maps when two teenagers (a boy and a girl) crossed over to us from the other side and asked us if we were lost (apparently we looked confused). We took this as an opportunity to explain treasure hunting and tell them of the miracles that had happened earlier on in the week. They were completely blown away and said that they kept getting tingles over their bodies as we spoke. We got to share with them the gospel message and both of them were lead to the Lord and filled with the Holy Spirit!! At this point another 2 teenagers (boy and girl) entered the circle and asked what was happening, to which the first teenage boy replied “tell them the miracles, tell them the miracles!” so we got to share healing stories again and in response both wanted to invite Jesus into their lives and received prayer for the Holy Spirit!!!!
THEN another boy entered the circle asking again what was going on! We had another opportunity to share healing stories and he told us that he hadn’t been able to lift his right arm above 90 degrees for over year and that he’d had MRI scans but they didn’t know why his shoulder was crunching. We asked if we could pray for him to which he responded “yes”! (with the other teenagers still watching). We simply commanded the illness to go in Jesus' name and instantly he lifted his arm the full 180 degrees with NO pain and NO crunching!!!!! He aswell gave his life to Jesus and got filled with the Holy Spirit!! He and the other teenagers all said they felt like they were on a trip... haha God is GOOD!
At this point there was a crowd of about 20 around us and some of the teenagers asked us to pray for their friend, standing amongst them, who had “snapped” his ligaments, couldn’t do sport and was in a lot of pain. We commanded the illness to go in Jesus' name and instantly ALL THE PAIN WAS GONE he started jumping up and down in the street!!!!
Another guy saw this and asked us to pray for his headache. Again we commanded it to go to which he said “No way!” in unbelief!! His headache had instantly left and he gave his life to Jesus aswell and got filled with the Holy Spirit!!! As we were praying for him I felt very strongly a spirit of death over him and command it to leave. Later I found out that He’s going into the army in a few weeks! Praise Jesus for incredible timing!!
6 saved!!! 3 healed!! All praise and glory to our amazing God who loves us sooooo much!!!!!'

(Feeling at all provoked?)

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