Sunday, 6 May 2012

I Have Inspiring Friends

I love hearing stories about when my friends step out in courage and see God's Kingdom break in.  I find it so inspirational.  One of my amazing interns this year, a guy called Jake, heads up our Healing on the Streets team at TSM.  That's the team that sets up chairs in the town centre with a huge banner that says 'HEALING' and offers to pray for members of the public as they walk by.  The Healing on the Streets team has seen some phenomenal breakthrough, especially in the last week, but more of that in another post!

So, about a year ago Jake got to pray for a guy who had really bad pain in both of his knees.  After praying the pain disappeared and the guy walked away really grateful that God had intervened.  Out of nowhere about a month ago the guy came back!  He approached Jake and explained that the pain in his knees had come back.  This time Jake found out that the guys knees were actually metal which is why he had the pain.  Jake and the team prayed again and after prayer all the pain had gone.  Thank you Jesus!

As well as interning with me, Jake also works part time at a local retail store.  He's been speaking to one particular colleague who is a Muslim about all the stories that come out of our TSM Thursday afternoon outreach teams.  The colleague has listened politely but not wanted any prayer for themselves.  That is up until a few weeks ago!

Jake was sitting with his colleague recounting the stories from the previous week when in walked the guy who'd been healed a few weeks before with the bad knees.  He did a double take when he saw Jake and then realised where he recognised him from.  'I didn't know you worked here as well!  Do you get paid for the healing stuff?'  Jake explained that he didn't.  Then the man went on to demonstrate to Jake (by bending and stretching his knees) that he was still very much pain free since his prayer.  Before he continued with his shopping he turned to Jake's colleague who was slightly wide eyed from all that was happening and exclaimed 'God healed my knees!'  Needless to say that when Jake offered his colleague prayer this time round they were only too willing to accept.  I absolutely love how Jesus is building His church!!

(I had a guy in church come up to me yesterday and tell me about praying for a guy he met with in his bank last week.  It was his and his wife's first time of offering to pray for someone for healing 'on the streets'.  I was so excited for him!  I remember starting this blog to document the risks we take as a church and our journey of seeing God's Kingdom break out on the streets.  I love that God is continuing to mobilise our church family on this adventure - people like this couple who in the husband's own words are 'definitely not natural evangelists')

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