Saturday, 21 April 2012

Supernatural Lifestyle - It's Catching!

I had the privilege of speaking at Mobilise (New Frontiers students and 20's event) just over a week ago.  I was asked to do a seminar on 'Finding God in the Supernatural in everyday life' something that I believe is the normal Christian life for every believer.  At the end of the session I set a challenge for those in the think about someone they knew they were going to see in the next couple of weeks who's not yet a Christian and ask God what He wanted to say to them.  Julia took the challenge on and recently e-mailed me this story.  Be encouraged and inspired!

I was in your seminar last Friday morning, and took your challenge to prophesy over a non-christian that I know. God highlighted my supervisor at work to me during the session, so when I got home I prayed for her. It went a little like this.

Me: "God, I believe you would like to speak to me about my supervisor. What would you have me say to her?" {Very definite picture of some oranges comes into my head.}
"Seriously?! You want me to go up to her and go "Hey, the Lord says unto you: Oranges!"
God: "Vitamin C deficiency"
Me: "Oh, you know, I'm not sure that's the sort of thing she'll know she has"
God: "Find out the symptoms, ask her if she has them."
Me: "God, you're so smart." 

Fast forward to today at work...
Me: "Hey X, how are you?"
Supervisor: "Really tired; I've had no energy recently"
Me: "Oh no. I don't suppose you've felt moody and lost weight too have you?"
Supervisor: "Yeah... How on earth do you know that?!"
Me: "Well, you know I'm a Christian, well, I've been praying for you, and God showed me a picture of some oranges, and when I asked him what it meant, he said you're suffering from vitamin C deficiency. I think God would like to heal you. Can I pray for you?" 

She was a little bit freaked out that I knew what was wrong with her, but she let me pray :) before the end of the shift she remarked-

Supervisor: "I was feeling so tired and rough earlier, but now I feel great!"
Me: "Well, do you think that might be because I prayed for God to heal you earlier?"
Supervisor: "Maybe..."

Which opened the door for a really great conversation about the existence of God and how he heals people today

Come on Jesus!


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