Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Other Side of the World - Same God!

I recently had the privilege of being part of a team sent by King's Arms Church to minister in New Zealand.  After a gruelling 25 hour journey (and that was only the time spent on 3 separate planes not waiting times in airports!) we got to the furthest place you can go from the UK before coming back on yourself again.  What we found during our time there; the same God who is about a great work here is about a great work there!

I love how God works.  Had you told me a few years ago that I would be involved in going to the Nations to see God's Kingdom break out I probably would have laughed in your face!  I didn't like flying (so going as far as New Zealand was totally out of the question) And I felt really content to stay in the UK for the rest of my life.  That is until God spoke to me clearly through a prophetic word about travel and going to the nations.  That word woke something up in me that was laying dormant and I haven't looked back since.

Our first weekend in New Zealand was spent in Wellington, the Capital City.  It was a short flight from Auckland (where we spent most of our time) and once there we ran a series of meetings talking about God as our Father, removing blockages to the Kingdom and our identity.  The freedom that individuals received through our short time there was quite staggering.  Men and women sobbed as God put His finger on hurts and pain from their past that were hindering them in their walks with Him.  I was reminded again about the importance of openness and authenticity.  The more authentic and open you are, the quicker you will enjoy freedom (note to self!)

On the Sunday I spoke about how to create a supernatural culture.  There was more freedom as individuals expressed disappointment they'd been carrying that was impacting their expectations.  Then we got to pray for the sick in faith that God wanted to break in.  I did some quick training on how to get words of knowledge and then 12 people who'd never got one before come to the front to have a go.  One after another the words of knowledge shared were accurate.  I never tire of seeing the look of disbelief on people's faces when the word of knowledge they bring is responded to.  This stuff is for everyone!  Then God did what He does best and people got healed:

Thumb pain
Wisdom tooth and jaw pain
Shoulder pain
50% deafness
3 day headache
Back pain went without prayer!

Perhaps most exciting for me was an e-mail I received after the following Sundays meeting about how God had broken in in a new way.  Here's a small excerpt:

'The coolest thing happened at our church on sunday! We were worshipping and everything was going wrong with the sound gear and it was super distracting.  I felt the holy spirit prompt me to get up to the mic and talk about grace and our inheritance as children of the kingdom. I shared that it felt like some people really needed God's Joy, Peace and Comfort. 

We went into a time of free worship for a bit then Pete Henare said to me "you have to go back up to the mic" to which i replied, "what do you want me to do or say?!! to which he said, "i dont know just sing in tounges or something!" (Really???!!!)

So i did! and the Holy Spirit turned up in such power!!...as the spirit was moving people came up and shared words of knowlege for healing and 3 people got healed!! I think it was 2 shoulders and wrist pain, gone!  All over the congregation people were crying and responding to God, so coool!!!! His presence was so tangible it was amazing!

There is such a new hunger and expectancy among us as a church, you guys imparted such faith to us! 
Be encouraged!'

(Sunday afternoon on the beach was pretty cool too!)

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Peter & Sarah said...

Was such a blessing to be part of such a great weekend of freedom and healing. Well done and thank you to Wendy and the Kings Arms Crew