Monday, 26 March 2012

Adventures in Auckland

View from top of Mount Eden
It's been over a month now since we were ministering in Auckland.  Phil, Pete, Laura and I have such fond memories of our time with Grace Church; A group of outstanding men and women hungry for God's presence and passionate about impacting their city.  We can't wait to go back!  I wanted to write down some highlights of the trip before they became too hazy in my mind

(N.B Remembering is a key Biblical principle.  The Israelites didn't enter the Promised Land because they forgot what God had done for them! How are you doing at recording what God is doing in and through you?)

Highlights from our time in Auckland:
- Staying with one of the most generous and loving couples you're ever likely to meet, Andy and Kath.  The Pacific Ocean 20 metres from the front door, freshly caught snapper for dinner, lots and lots of laughing
- Laura and my first meeting with a group of 5 ladies from the church.  Accurate prophetic words that prepared the way for further breakthrough and freedom in their lives.  A very quick sense of heart connection and love for each other
- Freedom appointments - One hour slots that people from the church signed up for where Laura and I (and Pete and Phil for some) prayed through whatever the Holy Spirit brought up.  Such a privilege!  I've not seen the kind of freedom we saw in such a short space of time for a long time.  God was so good!
- Church ladies evening - 30 plus ladies crammed into Andy and Kath's front room.  A real sense of God's presence in worship, provocation from the Holy Spirit as I spoke, corporate repentance, a strong sense of God's commissioning and then a very fun prophetic action to end ('Goooooooo Team!')
- Church camp - Our week with the church culminated in their church camp near Hamilton.  An amazing sense of family; lots of God; accurate prophetic words; healing; freedom; lots of joy; beautiful weather; an outdoor pool; good food; masses of heart connection (felt like home!)
- Stories of courage and breakthrough we've received since leaving the country.  Be inspired by the following exerts:

'Well...... you've only been gone for a couple of hours and I find myself praying for a woman to be healed of Diabetes outside the supermarket - I am a new creation. You guys are awesome in helping me discover that!'

'Spurred on by your courageous stories, Kath and I are now 'courage buddies'. We did go out a couple of days ago, armed with a few clues...God was so kind to us and we found our treasure..a young girl, just arrived in the city, hugely unhappy, who just happened to be sitting asking God for help moments before we approached her.  We had a great chat and got to pray for her and give her our details. When we left she was so sure that God was looking out for her and said she hadn't been so happy in weeks'

Pete, Laura, Kath and I enjoying smoothies by the Pacific!

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