Saturday, 7 January 2012

Interrupted by a Healing!

Back in November a group of about 20 of us from King's Arms and TSM made our way to Lowestoft for the Heaven Touches East conference.  Simon Holley and Angela Kemm were speaking (quite a combination!) and I had the privilege of doing the Saturday afternoon slot.

A few weeks previous, I'd attended a conference at North Kent Community Church where Joaquin Evans (from Bethel) and friends were teaching about healing.  Something that struck me over the course of the day was how little they prayed for people for healing. Rather, they were sensitive to God's presence turning up and because they expected that when God turned up He would heal people, they simply encouraged people to start checking the part of their body that was injured to see what God was doing.  A whole host of people got healed just because God came!

I thought it would be fun to give this a go, so before I spoke on the Saturday afternoon I brought a word of knowledge about someone with pain in the calf of their left leg.  A guy at the back of the room responded and I encouraged him to simply start to check what God was doing - to move his ankle up and down to check for healing.  Quite quickly his calf got hot and the pain reduced (how exciting!) I encouraged him to keep an eye on what God was doing while I spoke and that he and others had permission to interrupt me when they were healed.

About halfway through my talk I'd forgotten all about what had happened earlier until the guy who'd responded to the word of knowledge got up out of his chair and proceeded to run around the hall; first round the back and then right past me up the front on the stage.  God had totally healed him as I'd been speaking and now he was doing just as I'd asked and interrupting me to give God glory!  Come on!

At the end of the talk a lady came up to me and said that she had been very skeptical about God wanting to heal as I'd started my talk but that pain she'd had in her knee for quite a few months had disappeared while I'd been speaking.  She hadn't called out to interrupt me because what had happened to her had totally blown her mind!  Here's what I'm learning - God is healer so when He turns up people get healed.  He just can't help himself.  I guess a key question to ask ourselves is how are we doing at letting Him turn up?

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Claire Coggan said...

Faith out of relationship and an expectation of his presence...Lead us Holy Spirit into loving you more and waiting for you to come..I want to discover this so much more.
Inspiring testimony, thanks Wendy! Claire xx