Thursday, 24 November 2011

Red Hat!

This was the clue that led us to our first encounter as TSM took to the streets last week.  The team I was leading was heading to the hospital and as we were walking towards it we spotted a lady walking with her 2 children; 1 was wearing a red hat.

So we stopped this lovely lady (not without a bit of hesitation, the first is often the hardest!) and explained what we were doing.  We told her that we were Christians from a church up the road looking for people to bless in the area and that we felt God had led us to her.  She asked which church we went to and when we told her 'King's Arms' she told us that she was also part of our church - she'd been attending for the last 3 weeks!  Wow!

So sensing we were onto something we showed her our clues.  Sue had just one name on her list, it just so happened to be this lady's sister!  She was currently living in Kenya and trying to decide whether to move over here or not - it was clearly a bit of a stressful time so we offered to pray and she gladly accepted.

As we prayed, there on the street, the presence of God came in such an incredible way.  The lady was very nearly knocked off her feet!  She began to cry as Sue prophesied about God looking after her and her family - especially the unborn child she was expecting soon.  We hugged as we said goodbye and I encouraged her to come and say hi to me the next time she saw me at church.

The Sunday of that same week as church came to an end this precious lady came up to me with another of her sisters beaming from ear to ear.  She told me that she'd felt so much peace since we prayed for her a few days ago.  She went on to explain that she'd called a friend of hers, Sally (a name on my map) when she'd got home and that Sally had offered her everything she was going to need for her newborn baby.  She also said she'd had hip pain before we'd prayed that day but that as we prayed it totally went - we had no idea!

I love that God is the greatest networker around!  When I asked my new friend if she lived locally she told me that she lived on a street off of Ampthill Road.  It turned out to be the exact same street that a TSM team had adopted the previous year.  She knew Karen who led the team; in fact Karen is the reason she started coming along to the King's Arms!  TSM adopt a block started up again today.  They were able to visit my friend and her 4 day old baby to offer support and continue to show God's love.  Wow!  Wow!

(The final piece in the puzzle - this lady's sister in Kenya is now on her way over to the UK!  Sue and I had prayed that God would make it clear for this family the right thing to do.  There's someone in the UK who's offered her sister all the help she needs to move - needless to say the family is totally blown away!  Looking forward to meeting the sister from Kenya when she gets here.  Just amazing!)