Friday, 28 October 2011

TSM Class 2010-11

As I was flicking through some of my old blog posts I realised that I never introduced you to our second TSM class - the amazing bunch of people who graduated this past July.  We had 36 students last year and they ranged in age from 18-70.  It was such a privilege to see them all flourish in God.  The spiritual ceiling created by our first year of students definitely became the floor for this second year.  The breakthroughs they saw in their own lives and also in the lives of those we encountered out on the streets was outstanding!

Below are some of my highlights from the year and photos of some of the most amazing people you're ever likely to meet:

- The way that some of the students were described by friends and family as actually looking physically different because of the amazing work God had done in them through the year
- The time when TSM class of 2009-10 came and imparted all God had done in them through the first year to our new class.  The fire tunnel was quite something!                                                          
- Seeing students walk through fear as they sung out prophetic songs in front of their revival groups.  I love the freedom this brought! (To students and team alike)
- Revival group acting - 'Pick a story from the Bible that inspires faith in you and then act it out in a specified genre ranging from sci-fi, western, silent movie, soap, Bollywood, action.'  SUCH a lot of fun
- Seeing a girl who's still part of our church give her life to Jesus in the hospital car park during our last TSM outreach!
- Incredible freedom in worship; tongues, interpretation, dance, flags, scriptures, the prophetic, songs, raps!
- Seeing God's favour on our 'adopt a block' team.  Homes opened up to them, residents asking for prayer and halfway through the year a drug bust on the very block they'd been praying round.  God's Kingdom well and truly broke in!
- Graduation - hearing amazing life changing stories from the year; seeing a phenomenal group of men and women receiving the honour they deserved and then watching them take steps of courage once again bringing words of knowledge from the front of church off the back of Simon's preach.

I have the best job in the world!  This year we have 40 students and it's already been a blast.  Let's see what the Father will do!  Here's to many more new ceilings!  

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