Monday, 17 October 2011

Impact in South Africa - Adventures in Harding

View on route!
There's more to tell about my trip to South Africa; God was so good!  Even though I'm now well and truly back into the swing of things here in Bedford (we are into our 4th week of TSM with 40 students from all over the country and 2 different nations!) I wanted to blog one last time about my trip to Harding.

Drew had a genius idea for my second weekend in South Africa.  He and Megan are good friends with a couple called Paul and Shannon Simpson who lead a church in the farming town of Harding (about 2 hours drive from Durban)  The plan was to take a trip there over a weekend with about 14 people from Hope Church as ministry team.  Those who came as part of the team had received much from God during the previous 'Impact' weekend and now they had the privilege of giving it away.  (What was really fun was that during the Saturday evening fire tunnel most of those I would be taking were laying on the floor totally drunk in the spirit - I knew then that it was going to be a good weekend!)

Sunday morning meeting
We had a great time speaking to the church in Harding about God as Father and our identity as His sons and daughters.  It was such a privilege to minister in a place with such diverse cultures in the same church - rich white farmers and poor black children from the townships, worshiping the same God and being family together.  Amazing!

In the afternoon we went out onto the streets treasure hunting.  I went in a team with Paul and we walked through Harding 'High Street' looking for clues.  We got a lot of attention as it's not common for white people to be walking in public - most drive.  It was so fun to experience a culture full of people so open to spiritual things and receiving prayer.  At one point at the local hospital we were speaking to a security guard who was mocking Christianity and saying that ancestral worship was the only way to go.  Then God spoke to me about a problem he had with one of his ears.  At that point, he began to pay more attention and he asked us to pray for his ear and also his heart which was causing him problems.

A highlight of the trip for me was the hour that I and the team spent prophesying over people in the church.  I experienced a new level of accuracy in the prophetic and for a much longer period of time than ever before.  One of the ladies I prophesied over experienced significant emotional healing as Jesus broke off lies she had been believing about her significance in God's Kingdom.  That afternoon as she took one of her children to a birthday party, she offered to pray for a friend of hers for the first time for healing - Her friend's headache disappeared immediately as she commanded healing.  Even this week I've heard more stories of breakthrough this lady has experienced as she's stepped out in confidence and boldness.  Absolutely love it!

Durban and Harding couldn't be more different in terms of their size, landscape, culture - yet the same God is powerfully at work in both places.  On the Sunday morning I spoke in church about the importance of creating a culture of honour,  At the end of the meeting, a girl gave her life to Jesus and a lady who a team had met on outreach the day before was healed of a painful leg condition - it was her first time at the church.  We are living in such exciting times!  I hope to visit Harding again sometime soon.
The Team (minus a couple)

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