Friday, 2 September 2011

Impact in South Africa

At 4.45 this morning I was coming in to land at Heathrow Airport having spent just over two weeks with friends in Durban, South Africa.  To try and sum up what God did over the course of my stay in a few blog entries won't do it justice, but I want to just share a few highlights anyway.

God is so very good!  This was my third ministry trip abroad and my first on my own.  I went back and forth for a while trying to decide if I should have a team with me for this trip or not.  I even asked a few people if they could come, but no-one seemed able to commit.  In the end I felt God speak to me about going on my own.  That this was to be an adventure for just me and Him and that it would be a significant time of me growing in my identity in Christ.  I quickly realised what a blessing it was to be on my own.  Not only was there no-one around for me to be responsible for, being alone also meant that I had the privilege of connecting with the people I met and spent time with at a much deeper level.

I have met some INCREDIBLE people and I am the richer for it!  Those of you who know Drew and Megan will know what an outstanding couple they are.  I absolutely loved spending time with them.  They are doing such a great job leading Hope Church!  I got to re-connect with friends I met during last years trip and I also met new friends.  Amazing people, in an amazing city, hungry for God and pressing in for all He has for them.  Facing different challenges to the kind we face here in Bedford, but just as passionate about seeing God's Kingdom break out in everyday life and choosing to take risks to see a city transformed.  God is doing a great work in Durban.  I feel like I left a bit of my heart there (Shame...I guess I'll just have to go back!)

Phum, Me, Nox and Nobu
Over the course of the two weeks we saw people healed emotionally and physically.  We had incredible times of worship and encountering God as His presence came.  We had encounters on the streets (both planned and unplanned!) We saw one girl give her life to Christ.  We had incredibly accurate times of prophetic ministry that brought healing, freedom and destiny to people.  To summarise, God broke in!  I don't think Hope Church, Durban or Grace Community Church, Harding (we took a team there during the second weekend to!) will ever be the same again!

A little story to whet your appetite.  On the first evening of the Impact Weekend before I spoke, I brought a word of knowledge about someone who had pain in one of their shoulders.  A guy responded, and without praying I asked him to check it out.  As he moved his arm back and forth and rotated his shoulder he found that all the pain had gone - No one laid hands on him and no one prayed.  God just broke in and did it because He can and He loves to heal.  Great start!


kave said...

Amen to Gods love and mercies! There is more to come. Surely @ hope church we have been blessed by your presence and truly speaking we will never be the same again. Whooaaaa and more for you Wendy!!!

Nobu said...

Love it. Love you. You are awesome. GOD is awesome. Mighty woman of GOD!!! Thank you for following your calling and igniting in me mine :)