Sunday, 4 September 2011

Impact in South Africa - The Father and the Kingdom

I arrived in Durban on the Wednesday and had a few days to chill before the Hope Church Impact Weekend, running on Friday evening and all day Saturday.  I'd decided to do two sessions looking at God as Father and two sessions teaching about the Kingdom (two topics that I am increasingly convinced are necessary foundations for every church - Jesus loved revealing the Father and demonstrating the Kingdom!)

We had amazing times of ministry as God showed up and revealed Himself as the perfect Father.  Earthly parents were forgiven and many received revelation of their adoption as sons and daughters of the King.  Those who'd lost their parents, or never known their parents wept freely as they received ministry hugs from others in the church.  It was such a precious time of internal healing and freedom.

I talked about healing on the Saturday evening and spent some time equipping the church to get words of knowledge.  At the end of the session about 8 people from the church who'd never brought a word of knowledge before came up the front to take a risk and have a go.  As they all stepped out one by one it was so exciting to see people responding all over the room.  We spent time praying for the sick and had testimonies of God breaking in and bringing healing!  (I've realised during this trip just how passionate I am about equipping and releasing everyone to hear from God and see God's Kingdom break out - I never want to leave a place with people thinking that the naturally supernatural life is something just for me - or particularly 'spiritual' people.  I want entire churches to be mobilised and all believers to realise that this is the normal Christian life!)

We did a prayer tunnel at the end of the evening to do some impartation.  God came and many were impacted by His power and presence.  The meeting was meant to finish at 9pm but I don't think we left the building until about 10.30.  God was in the house and people were hungry to meet with Him.  Hope Church was impacted and the fruit we began to see on the streets off the back of the two days was so encouraging.  See just a few of the testimonies below:
Courageous Eloise (far right)

'Mini Revival at Pick n Pay Hyper By The Sea- I went shopping this morning and saw a lady walk past with a bandage on her ankle - so I asked if she is in pain and she said yes - so I prayed & pain instantly left her- she tells people around her - the next thing, I prayed for about 10 people - back pains, stomach pains, chest pains etc ALL healed - Thank You JESUS!!!!'

The beautiful Nobu
'This morning I prayed that I'd be able to spread a little of GOD's love today. And He put the lady that helps clean at my place in my heart. I was a little scared cause I thought oh man what if I am wrong, what if it's my imagination. Went to her and she said she had a head ache for past week and a sore throat.  Said a quick prayer for her. And BOOM. She said ALL the pain is gone!!!! Praise GOD'


My Friend Megan
'So I got to pray for a lady in the coffee shop this morning. She is a mom I know a little from the kids school. She was tearful and having a hard day. I knew I just needed to pray for God's presence and peace to be with her. She let me pray and kept saying she knows she needs to come to church.'

Amazing stuff!  Well done Hope Church!! Keep going for it!

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You're amazing Wendy!! Very encouragning :)