Saturday, 30 July 2011

Saved in the Hospital Car Park

One of my dreams has been to lead someone to Christ on the streets. I've heard stories of others having the privilege and have celebrated their breakthroughs as if they were my own, always with the longing that one day I would have my own story to tell. Not for my sake, but for His - He is mighty to save and seeing those who don't know Him come into relationship with Him should be part of the normal Christian life.

A few months ago we had a girl referred to us for prayer from a local GP. She'd badly injured her knee and was on crutches and in pain. She came along to one of our morning services and received prayer. Her knee got a lot better and the following week when she came to church she was off her crutches and walking with mostly no pain!

Over the course of a few weeks she was kind of taken in by a family in the church who invited her over for family meals and demonstrated God's love to her. At the same time another of our church family who worked where she lived was talking to her about Jesus and His love for her.

I had met this precious girl a couple of times at church. While on our last TSM outreach I met her again in the hospital car park. She'd just been in the hospital to collect some medication and now she was on her way home.

We got chatting and she began to talk about how life was getting better for her but how she felt held back by stuff from her past that she felt guilty about. I asked her if she realised that Jesus could take all that stuff away and give her a brand new start. She said she did. I asked her if she understood what Jesus had done for her on the cross and if she were to give her life to Him what might have to change about her lifestyle. She had a good understanding (it turns out that the lady who works where she lived had recently explained the gospel to her)

I asked if she wanted to give her life to Jesus right there in the car park rather than waiting for Sunday. She said yes! So there and then Chloe and I led her through a prayer to give her life to Jesus. She prayed from her heart and then received the amazing love and peace of God as the Holy Spirit came and her filled her. Amazing!

This isn't one of those dreams that you tick off once you've seen it, satisfied and ok not to see it again. This is one of those dreams that makes you realise how big our God is and what the normal Christian life looks like! He is mighty to save. Here's to loads more salvations on the street!

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