Saturday, 18 June 2011

We Missed our Meeting!

I had a cluster meeting on Thursday evening.  That's where 3 or so small groups gather to do community and God stuff together.  I decided to leave my house well before the evening was due to start because I fancied a walk and an opportunity to spend some time clearing my head with Jesus after a full on (outstanding) TSM day! (As an aside - a visitor to TSM this week from New Zealand (!) got to pray for a lady who had injured her back in 1960 and it was miraculously healed...50 years worth of pain gone in an instant!  I hope you're celebrating!)

As I walked up and down past the flat we'd be meeting in I got chatting with a girl and her friend.  She asked what I did and when I told her I worked for a church it opened up a 2 and a half hour encounter.  It was a good work that God had prepared in advance for me to do that I literally tripped over...I did nothing except be friendly!

During the course of the encounter, another friend of theirs joined us and God began to speak to me a bit about her.  Karen Rowland had joined me by this point.  She'd seen me chatting to the guy and girl as she'd arrived for cluster and decided that she wanted to get in on the action!  We got to pray for and prophesy over both the girls and the guy.  God spoke and hearts were impacted.  We spoke about evolution, suffering, God's heart, forgiveness, the need for love and much, much more.

God began to speak to me about one of them having a bad back.  The guy said it was him.  I asked if he had one leg shorter than the other.  He didn't know.  We encouraged him to sit on the pavement with his back against a wall so we could take a look.  It turned out that one of his legs was just under an inch longer than the other.  As we prayed, with both girls looking on, his leg slowly grew out and his back pain totally disappeared! 

One of the girls had quite bad hip pain.  I prayed for her and nothing happened, so I called on the guy who had just received healing in his back to come and pray instead of me.  He put his hand on his friend's hip and repeated after me...'Hip pain, go now in Jesus' name'  When the girl checked it out this time the pain had massively reduced.  She was 90% healed and totally blown away!

The other girl also had hip pain and tight joints all over body that she was receiving physio for.  Her recently healed friends layed hands on her and commanded the pain to go in Jesus' name and for healing to come.  After praying a couple of times, the pain in her hips had gone and her joints felt like they'd loosened up!

Our new friends asked us on a number of occasions during the 2 and a half hours if we needed to go and get to our meeting.  We told them we didn't - that this was much more fun and what the church is meant to be doing; displaying the love of our perfect heavenly Father to those who've never encountered it (no disrespect to our cluster - it is amazing - just wanted to say!)  

Karen and I both commented as we reflected on the evening that we both felt the most alive we've felt in a long time.  This is what we've been made for; the adventure; the uncertainty; the supernatural; the opportunity to show love; the risk taking; the power.  This is the normal Christian life - what a privilege!

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