Monday, 11 April 2011

Two Words of Knowlege and a Prophetic Word!

Back in June 2010 I had an encounter in a pub as I was out for a meal with some friends.  A friend of mine and I got some words of knowledge for the lady working behind the bar that were totally spot on and led to us praying for her for healing and also inviting her along to church.  She seemed very keen, you can read the full story here.

Just over a month ago a friend of mine (an amazing lady called Karen who is interning with me this year) was having a meal in the same pub and inspired by my story from several months earlier began to tune into God for a word of knowledge for someone behind the bar.  As it turns out she heard God for a guy who happened to be the partner of the lady I had the encounter with (this couple own the pub).  Her word of knowledge to do with finances was spot on and hugely encouraged the guy.  As she left she too invited them to come along to church.

The following Sunday evening this amazing couple walked through our church doors for the first time.  It was so exciting to see them again.  As we talked at the end of the evening, they shared about how God had been on their case for such a long time.  They'd really enjoyed the service and planned to come back again.

The following week Julian Adams was preaching.  At the end of his talk he picked people out to prophesy over.  There was much excitement in the church when he picked out the couple from the pub sat on the back row.  What he shared from God's heart was really accurate and left the couple knowing yet again that God knows them and is definitely on their case!  I just love the way that God pursues His children!

Two words of knowledge and a prophetic word later, this Sunday evening the couple had three of their friends in tow.  Two are colleagues from the pub and one used to work at the pub but doesn't anymore.  What was really fun was that at the end of the meeting some friends and I got to prophesy over each of the visitors stuff that showed them God knows them and loves them and is on their case too.  One of the lady's was crying before I even got to her because she felt so overwhelmed.  Another said that she'd felt immediately safe as soon as she'd walked into the building.  Wow!  I'm so excited to see how God continues to work in these precious lives.

(It seems that asking God for words of knowledge for newcomers to the church is a great strategy for seeing breakthrough!  The same Sunday evening we had a guy visiting for the first time off the back of a TSM encounter on the streets during the week.  At the end of the meeting I got to share some stuff with him that I felt God was saying that turned out to be accurate.  A few minutes later a friend of mine was leading him in a prayer of re-commitment!  Yay God!)

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