Tuesday, 22 March 2011

More Breakthrough Outside A & E!

We were at the hospital again last Thursday afternoon.  The timing was amazing (as it always is with God).  My beautiful god-daughter had been having trouble breathing and her mum had taken her to A & E to have her checked out.  We arrived about half an hour after she'd got there and so head straight to A & E to see if we would be allowed in to see her and pray.  Sadly we weren't allowed through (family only...I wanted to say 'I am family' but didn't think the Christian family or god-mother thing would cut it - even though it totally should!)  So, we prayed outside A & E and I spoke to Sarah over the phone.  What was amazing was how God used one closed door to open another.  Let me explain:

We'd spent about an hour wandering around the hospital and had a few fun encounters before we head back towards A & E to meet the rest of the team.  As we did so, outside A & E sat on a bench was the lady who'd been in front of us in the queue in A & E as we'd waited to seek permission to go and see Rae (we recognised her as she had bright red hair!)  Chloe, who I was with spotted her.  The more you do outreach on the streets the more you come to realise that when you see the same person multiple times God is trying to get your attention, so we went to speak to her.

It turns out that she'd ruptured her achilles tendon and was now walking with the aid of a crutch.  The hospital had said it would take about 6 weeks to heal and she was in quite a bit of pain with restricted movement.  As we were speaking to her God told me that she worked as a waitress in a restaurant and so needed to be on her feet all day.  She shared that this was true and because of her injury she had to be off work for quite some time.

She was so open for prayer and so Chloe and I prayed a total of 4 times for her healing.  After each time of praying the lady commented that she couldn't believe what was happening. She was totally blown away.  After we'd finished praying, the pins and needles that she's had in her toes for about a week had gone; the pain she felt shoot up her leg whenever she put her foot on the floor had gone and she was beginning to get increased movement in her ankle.  Come on Jesus!

Just before the lady was picked up by her Father she shared that she used to attend church with her Nan before she died suddenly several years ago.  The shock of her Nan's death had meant she'd given up on God.  Clearly He hasn't given up on her.  I'm excited about the prospect of seeing her walk through our church doors in the next few weeks pain free.  She seemed pretty keen!

Oh, and just to put your minds at rest, Rae was fine...God is so good!