Thursday, 10 February 2011

We found Felix!

Back in November we were doing our first ever week of outreach as part of TSM and we were all treasure hunting.  One team had the clues Felix, fish and eye problems (among other things).  They knew that there was a fish and chip shop near the bus station and so they head there to see what treasure they could find.

As they approached the bus station they saw a young guy walking with a white stick waiting for a bus.  They went over to him to explain what they were doing...that they believed He was God's treasure as he was by the fish and chip shop and suffered with eye problems.  When they asked him his name they were totally blown away when he replied, 'Felix!'  Sadly, Felix had to leave to catch his bus.  The team left hugely encouraged that they'd found their treasure and Felix left knowing that God knew Him and loved him.

About 2 months later one of our creative teams decided that they would head to the bus station to do their outreach.  One of the lady's remembered that it had been around the same time of day 2 months before that they'd met Felix.  'I wonder if we'll see Felix again today?'  The fact that we're in a relationship with a God who's sovereign and seems to be able to put the right people in the right places at the right time, meant they did indeed 'bump' into Felix again (how mad is that!)  After a while of chatting to Felix and reminding him of what had happened 2 months previously they were able to give him details of the church and invite him to come along one Sunday.  Little did we know what God had in store!

Later that same week we received an e-mail from Felix saying that he was really keen to come along to church but that he lived in Marston (a way out of Bedford) and had no way of getting to a Sunday service.  After a small amount of investigating we discovered that there was a family who lived in Marston who could possibly give him a lift.  The wife in the family just happens to be in charge of integration in the church!

Since God has orchestrated these incredible, mind-blowing encounters, Felix has been along to the King's Arms for the past month.  Last week he was sat on the front row and before the service began he helped out on the welcome team!  This guy is still yet to meet with Jesus and come into relationship with Him but God is thoroughly at work in his life.  I got to pray for Felix for healing for his sight a few weeks ago.  Nothing has happened yet, but I'm trusting God for a miracle. The blind will see in Bedford!

What I absolutely love about this story is that it's an example of one of God's treasure's (in this case Felix) being brought into the treasure chest (the church).  That is after all why we do what we do.  To see people encounter God on the streets in such a dynamic way that they can't help but be drawn into church family.  3 years of faithfully plugging away, treasure hunting and taking risks on the streets and the treasure is finally beginning to walk through our church doors.  I love how God adds to us when we're faithful with what we've got.  Felix is our first of many!  Thank you Jesus!

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