Friday, 11 February 2011

More Treasure in the 'Chest'

You may remember a post I wrote back in December about how a word of knowledge to do with a side plait and a hat, led one of the TSM teams to an encounter with a lady in a local shop.  After chatting to the lady for a while and sharing God's heart for her, the lady told the students that her sister in law was ill in hospital and would they be willing to go and pray for her.  Later that week two of our TSM students went to pray for the sister in law in Bedford hospital.  The encounter didn't end simply with praying.  You can read the full story of what God orchestrated here.

The encounter we had that day and what it led to was just amazing, but here's something even more amazing to be totally blown away by!  This Sunday just gone the sister in law from the hospital and her husband came along to our guest service at the King's Arms.  J.John was speaking and when he invited people to respond at the end of the service to either give their lives to Jesus for the first time or make a re-commitment, they both responded!  Two days later they attended our Alpha and Beta evening which they're planning to commit to for the entire course.

When we met the sister in law in hospital a couple of months ago we knew that she had some kind of faith.  What we didn't know was that a few weeks later she and her husband would come along to one of our church services and make a decision before God to surrender everything to Him again.  More treasure in the 'chest'!  It's difficult to find the words to express how blown away I am by the way God works...immeasurably more than all you can ask or think.  Thanks Dad!

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