Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Side Plait and a Hat! - Part 2!

You might remember my post from a few weeks ago about one of our TSM outreach teams encountering a lady in a local shop with a side plait and a hat (a word of knowledge one of our students had before they went out onto the streets).  The encounter led to an amazing opportunity to pray for this lady's sister in law in hospital.  You can read the full story here.

This week just gone another of our teams (called the 'creative team' because they literally ask God on the Thursday what He'd like them to do and then go and do it) felt God speak to them about taking a trip on a bus and as they went to be looking out for people with pushchairs.

Before they'd got to the bus they spotted a lady walking with a pushchair so the girl who'd had that specific word of knowledge was encouraged by her team to step out and take a risk (as an aside I love that Jesus sent the disciples out in pairs...outreach in team is so much more fun than outreach on your own...He knew we'd need friends to give us courage!)

The girl approached the lady and explained what they were doing and what she'd felt God had shown her and then she asked if there was anything she could pray for the lady about.  The lady's response... 'I met someone else from your course a few weeks ago when I was in Londis.  They ended up paying for my sister in law who was in hospital ill at the time'  It was the lady with the side plait and the hat!  God had picked her out a second time in the space of a month!!!!

After chatting with the lady some more her passing comment was this, 'I'd like to come and visit your church.'  God is clearly in pursuit of this woman.  Don't you just love that His love is relentless!  WOW!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Pain Didn't Stop Play!

I got to play badminton with my good friend Claire yesterday.  We haven't played for a very long time and so it was nice to get back into it again.  We're hoping to be able to work it so that we can play once a week.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good we both still were!

About halfway through the hour long session, Claire injured her right shoulder.  She started to hold it as we were nearing the end of one of our games and she explained once we had finished that it was hurting - she wondered if she'd pulled something.  So I offered to pray.

Claire is a friend I used to work with at Biddenham.  I've told her stories before about God healing people and obviously she knows that I work for a church and that I believe God loves to do that kind of stuff, but she's never had anyone pray for her before.  Tentatively she accepted my offer and after 3 short prayers followed by a quick test of the shoulder after each time, the pain had completely gone!  In Claire's words 'it's like I never even hurt it!'

Pain didn't stop play, instead we got to enjoy the full hour of Badminton that we had paid for...God is so amazing and He loves to heal!

(Did I mention that I won 3 games to 2?)