Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Open Doors - Literally!

Our 'adopt a block' team had the genius idea of going carol singing on their street for their last outreach before the Christmas break.  The plan was to sing (obviously!) and then have some homemade cakes to give out to anyone who came to the door.

Before the teams went out we prayed for each other.  I remember praying for someone on the adopt a block team for open doors.  That God would put His favour on the team so that literal doors would be opened to them.  God loves to answer our prayers!  Even though the weather was horrible, the carol singers ventured out with song sheets and cakes in hand.

When all the teams returned, we heard from the adopt a block team that God's favour had indeed been upon them.  They told us that multiple times when they'd started to sing they could hear people in the houses frantically searching for some money to give them.  They then shared about the shock on people's faces when any money was refused and instead cakes were offered in addition to the singing.  One resident shared how they'd lived on the street for 16 years and had never had carol singers at the door!

At one point in the afternoon, a lady from across the street to where the team was currently singing, approached the team to ask if they were Christians.  When they replied 'yes', she asked if they could come into her house to pray for her and her children.  Who does that!  When was the last time you heard about carol singers being invited into someone's house for a cup of tea and some prayer!  A literal open door that two of the team had the privilege of walking through!  God is so amazing!

What was even more incredible was that when I shared this story at our church prayer meeting that evening, a guy in the church came over to me and explained that back in June he'd had a dream about people in the church going carol singing along streets near the building when it was freezing cold. He'd seen, in the dream, the carol singers offering gifts of light to the residents they sang to.  Incredible!  We got the idea a few weeks ago, but God had it in His thinking way before and He shared it in a dream with someone else in the church!

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