Sunday, 5 December 2010

'Do you sing?'

I was at Alpha on Tuesday night to do some prophetic stuff. I wasn't intending to go, but last minute they needed more people so I agreed to help out. To be totally honest I was feeling the least prophetic that I've felt for a very long time. I was tired and feeling a bit under the weather. As I looked around the room at the 30 or so people who needed an encounter with God I felt overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. It's a good job that my ability to hear God's voice isn't dependent on how I feel!

God was so incredibly faithful! At the end of Steve's talk I had the opportunity to bring a couple of words from the front that were really accurate and that blessed the people being prophesied over. I love the look on people's faces when they realise, often for the first time, that God knows them. It's such a precious moment.

One girl I prophesied over reminded me of someone I know who is an excellent singer and performer. I felt God remind me of this person because I was to prophesy over this girl about singing. That's all I had. So I picked the girl out and simply asked the question, 'Do you sing?' Immediately she put her head in her hands and began to cry. I had nothing much else to say to her except that I felt like God was highlighting her singing ability. That He wanted her to enjoy it.

When I got to speak to the girl later it turned out that just the day before she'd been speaking to her boyfriend (who's really into music) and he'd said to her that she really should sing because she's so good. She had immediately rejected this suggestion because she didn't believe she was any good. Even though she used to sing and perform as a young girl she had lost a huge amount of confidence over the years. It had got to the point that she wouldn't sing at all.

Through the seemingly vague word I brought, God spoke truth into this girl's heart. He highlighted the very thing that used to bring this girl life, that the enemy was trying to steal away and started this precious girl on a journey of freedom and restoration. What an incredible Dad He is!

(I also got to bring a house number; 38. There was a guy there who lived at number 38. He felt God speak to him and encourage him even though I had nothing else to bring. Thank you Jesus!)

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ruth said...

wendy, thanks for your honesty in telling it how it is and not holding back and still totally glorifying God as he uses you to break in and speak into people's lives. hearing you speak and reading your blog has been really powerful. thanks for being such a great example of a woman who is humble and really faithful!