Monday, 15 November 2010

A new toenail grew!

Check out this testimony from Bethel that happened a few weeks ago. Isn't our God just so good!

'Two Fridays ago, a woman in church lost her toenail in the morning. She had smashed it, and it came off. She had only skin on her toe. Three women laid hands on her foot in the evening service. They didn’t see it grow out, but when they removed their hands, they saw that it was halfway grown out already. The lady could feel the power of God moving on her. The fun thing is that it grew out with red nail polish—to match her other toenails.'

I also heard today from my friend Joy who is over in Redding doing BSSM year 2 that a blind guy was baptised last night and when he came up out of the water he could see! Come on!

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Anonymous said...

wow, that's awesome! we have a Dad who not only heals but has such a great sense of humour too! thanks for sharing them.