Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Stretch out your Hand!

I had the privilege of ministering at Christ Central Manchester's student weekend away last weekend. The venue was a converted church building in Huddersfield. Stunning views, especially with the snow on the Saturday!

I took an amazing team with me (Amanda Joyes, Ben Leggott, Jez Wood) who did an excellent job at stepping out in God and expressing God's heart to the students. We got to meet some amazing people who very quickly felt like family and God turned up big time!

I'd already had some prophetic promises from God saying that this weekend was going to be significant. Someone prophesied over a year ago about me getting a call from the North and that in going to minister God would open up opportunity and favour. Then a friend of mine actually picked out 27th November as a date to keep an eye on regarding God breaking out and an increase in anointing.

At the end of worship on the Saturday morning I felt God give me a word of knowledge about someone in the room with a painful right wrist. God told me to simply ask the person to 'stretch out their hand' so that it would be healed...this was new!

I brought the word, a girl immediately responded. I asked this girl to stretch out her hand as God had instructed me. 'How's it doing?' I asked. 'It's still painful' the girl replied. So we began to contend. After 4 times of commanding the pain to go, the girls wrist was totally healed! Thank you Jesus!

It would have been fun if the wrist had been healed immediately off the back of the girl's obedience in stretching out her hand. Ultimately it was fun to take a risk and step out off the back of hearing God's voice. I'm fully expectant that one day we'll see this kind of healing in increased measure. We'll see what the Father is doing and speak it into being. Bring it on!

This is just one example of the amazing breakthrough God brought throughout the weekend...He really is so good all the time!

Monday, 15 November 2010

A new toenail grew!

Check out this testimony from Bethel that happened a few weeks ago. Isn't our God just so good!

'Two Fridays ago, a woman in church lost her toenail in the morning. She had smashed it, and it came off. She had only skin on her toe. Three women laid hands on her foot in the evening service. They didn’t see it grow out, but when they removed their hands, they saw that it was halfway grown out already. The lady could feel the power of God moving on her. The fun thing is that it grew out with red nail polish—to match her other toenails.'

I also heard today from my friend Joy who is over in Redding doing BSSM year 2 that a blind guy was baptised last night and when he came up out of the water he could see! Come on!