Monday, 4 October 2010

Google search - 'Backs healed'

Last week at the beginning of church we were encouraged, as we usually are, to find someone we'd never met before to say hi to. I spotted a couple a few rows back from me who I didn't recognise so I went to introduce myself. Fortunately, this wasn't one of those awkward moments where they'd actually been attending King's Arms for years. This was their very first Sunday and they were just visiting.

As the worship kicked off, Simon came over to me to say that we were going to be giving individual prophetic words from the front at the very end of the service and could I ask God for some. I decided that I'd ask God to speak to me about the couple I'd just met, as well as a few other faces I didn't recognise.

At the end of the service, I picked the couple out (after having prophesied over a girl I'd not met before stuff that didn't really make any sense to her - we hear in part!) and asked the guy if he played rugby? He said 'no'. I then asked him had he ever played rugby before? He said, 'not since being at school.' I explained to him that I'd seen a picture of him kicking a rugby ball and then a picture of a spine and that I felt God was highlighting that he suffered with a bad back. I asked him, 'do you suffer with a bad back?' He said, 'yes' with a slight smile on his face. His fiance immediately became tearful. We began to pray for healing.

I think we prayed about 5 times in all and the pain that this guy had been suffering with for around 10 years got slightly less (thank you Jesus!) He wasn't totally healed which was disappointing, but him and his fiance were hugely encouraged...It turns out that when they'd decided to go and visit another church just as a one off, the fiance had done a Google search of 'local churches - bad backs healed'. A recorded story from King's Arms had come up which they both listened too. Off the back of the story they'd decided to come and visit us specifically so that this guy could get his back prayed for.

What I love about God is that in His kindness He orchestrated events that morning to show the couple that He'd gone before them. Before they'd even had the chance to ask for prayer, He'd picked them out, identifying their specific need. The guy told us that he'd been really struggling with not being healed and that he'd been asking questions of God - 'Are you still there?' 'Are you hearing me?'. Last Sunday he got his answer. An emphatic YES!

Let's contend together for his complete healing!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing :) Truly amazing :) I'm really glad that he has got parshly healed. God is so good and really does hear us and really is there for us :) He really knows what we are going through :) He is so good. Thankyou God for encouraging them :)