Monday, 18 October 2010

Baby steps to greater breakthrough!

You may have read before about conversations I've had with God to do with wanting to see the deaf hear and the blind see, and how God has reminded me regularly that in order to see the deaf hear and the blind see, I'm going to have to pray for some deaf and blind people! Well a few weeks ago now, whilst out on a treasure hunt, I feel like I made some baby steps to seeing greater breakthrough!

The first baby step came when I spotted a guy walking with a white cane. When we looked more closely we saw that he also had two hearing aids. Where in previous treasure hunts I would have avoided speaking to this man due to a mixture of unbelief and fear, this time me and another team member approached him to have a chat. He was such a lovely guy who was so open to chatting. As we came to the end of our conversation we offered to pray for him. He said he'd rather we didn't just then, but that we could once he'd gone. So that's what we did.

Later the same day we saw a guy in a wheelchair with only one leg. One of my map clues was 'one leg'. Again, where before I would have bottled it, this time I went to chat to the guy. We had an amazing chat. This guy was so open and welcoming. It turns out that he was an incredible athlete having played for the UK wheelchair basketball team! I told him that I'd heard of stories about people with missing limbs seeing them grow back through prayer and although he didn't doubt it, he was used to his one leg and didn't want prayer for it's healing. I prayed instead for him for general life stuff.

This Sunday just gone, was another baby step. I got to pray for a friend of mine with a very nasty rash over her body. It's incurable and incredibly itchy. As we prayed for the rash to go in Jesus' name, we kept our eyes on it in order to see it disappear in the moment - The very fact that that's what I was expecting felt different! We've got to start seeing skin conditions clear up instantaneously as we pray at King's Arms! It's only going to be a matter of time.

Just some of the examples of baby steps I'm taking to see greater breakthrough. The fun thing is that with each baby step, we're that bit closer! So much fun.


Anonymous said...

love doing life with you wendy, keep pressing in Papa has so much heaven for you to draw down.

Pip Darnton said...

Thanks once again for sharing your journey Wendy. What an encouragement. Love it :)