Sunday, 12 September 2010

Instant Healing!

The Bible regularly talks about the healing people received through Jesus' ministry as being instant...immediate...on the spot. I know that sometimes healing can come to people over time as we persevere in prayer and I love that, but I get really excited when healing comes instantly! This week we've seen a lot of instant healings...let me share just a couple of highlights:

Yesterday I was texting a friend of mine in South Africa who told me that she'd had a car accident during the day and that she was feeling sore in her body from the impact. I text her back commanding the pain in her body to go 'right now in the name of Jesus.' A couple of minutes later I received this reply;

'Ok so what if I told you I just got healed when I read that last message. I kid you not! God is totally amazing! and into modern technology apparently'

A remote healing for someone in another country. Isn't Jesus outstanding!

Then this eveing at church Simon brought a word of knowledge at the beginning of His preach about someone who had pain in their neck. A lady responded and stood to receive prayer. Simon encouraged her to test out her neck before prayer as it may already be healed. As she moved her neck from left to right she testified to the fact that the pain she'd had for 2 years had completely disappeared. No-one even prayed!

Here's to much more instant healing...Here's to becoming much more like Jesus!

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Matthew Davies said...

More Jesus! Jesus you are so good to us!
Wendy, take Jesus' hand and follow close behind as He sithe's out the new path in front. :-)