Saturday, 18 September 2010

Highlights from SA #3 - Healings

I'm now well and truly back into the swing of things here in Bedford. We're awaiting a visit from Ofsted at school any minute, we had our TSM social on Thursday and we start our second year with 36 students this week. It's all go, and yet there's still much to reflect on regarding our time in Durban. The healings were outstanding! (Truth be told...every healing is outstanding!)

A lady at the conference had suffered with breast cancer a few years ago. One evening during the course of the weekend her husband found her standing in front of a mirror at home crying. When he asked her if everything was ok she told him through tears of joy that all the scar tissue from the operation she'd had had completely disappeared! That wasn't all...she also noticed that the veins in her hands and arms, that couldn't be seen due to the damage caused from her chemotherapy treatment had suddenly now become visible! What an amazing breakthrough!

One of the guys on our team who'd never seen anyone healed before prayed for a lady who'd had pain in her shoulder from a bicycle accident for 10 years. After the first time of praying nothing changed, but when they prayed again all the pain left the lady's body and she was totally healed! I love it when God breaks in to heal long term conditions!

At one point during the conference we spoke about the importance of working through disappointment from our pasts so that the reality of God's goodness can really take root in our hearts. During the ministry time a guy at the back of the hall received incredible freedom as he met powerfully with the love of his Heavenly Father. At the start of the next session he testified to the fact that 5 years ago his dad had died and that 3 years ago he'd witnessed his mum being murdered. He told us that he hadn't known it was ok to express his feelings so he'd just buried them. God had set him free from immense amounts of anger and pain. Thank you Jesus! At the end of sharing this guy took great delight in telling us that he'd also been healed from a meat allergy and that he'd been enjoying tucking into meat ever since!

More stories of lives radically transformed. Love it!

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