Saturday, 4 September 2010

Highlights from SA #2 - Treasure Hunting

I've never experienced a culture so open to being stopped and spoken to on the streets and then being up for receiving prayer. The spiritual atmosphere was tangibly different in Durban to what we currently experience in the UK. One of my prayers in coming home was that I would somehow bring the atmosphere with me. It will be fun to see if anything feels different when I go treasure hunting on Saturday.

After 2 hours on the streets there were a multitude of stories to be told. Here are some of the highlights:

One team had an encounter with a street kid who had a damaged hip bone. He'd fallen out of a tree 3 years earlier and he hadn't been able to put any weight on his leg since. After receiving prayer the hip bone was instantly healed. All pain went and the boy was able to jump around and walk normally again! Off the back of this miracle the boy, and his brother who had been watching everything that had happened, both gave their lives to Christ and were baptised in the Holy Spirit! Yay God!

Another team had the clues red, flowery hat and foot pain. They came across an elderly black lady wearing a red dress and a flowery head scarf. After chatting with her for a while they also discovered she was suffering with pain in her feet! One of the guys on our team offered to pray and knelt down to place his hands on her feet. After a short time of praying the pain in the lady's feet completely disappeared and she walked off punching the sky in delight. What was amazing about this encounter was that the guy who prayed was a white Afrikaans man. Watching a white Afrikaans man kneel at the feet of an elderly black lady was just an incredible reminder of how the Kingdom of God cuts across all cultural barriers!

On a different day a couple from our team had an incredible encounter in a township they were visiting. They got to pray for a lady who was in constant pain with a bad back, who had to be transported to and from places because the pain was so intense. After a few times of praying the lady stood up pain free for the first time in a long time. She walked round her hut full of joy and gratitude, saying that she was going to share what God had done for with as many people as she could. The lady's son, who'd been sitting in the shadows but had witnessed this miracle, after brief discussion with the team decided to give His life to Christ!

Miracles leading to salvation...sounds like the early church to me! Jesus is on the move in Durban!


Julia said...

Wow it sounds amazing! God is fantasic!!

Pip Darnton said...

Absolutely brilliant. Thanks again for the encouragement Wendy.