Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New breakthrough in the prophetic!

I went to our church Alpha Course last Tuesday evening to do some prophetic ministry. The idea is that as a team (there were 4 of us) we spend some of the evening asking God what He wants to say to people we've never met before and then we share what we feel He's said as an encouragement to them that He knows them and loves them. It's such a lot of fun and this time I experienced 'a first' in the prophetic!

As soon as I walked in the room God drew my attention to a lady sitting at a table chatting to some friends of mine. I knew God wanted to speak to her. As I looked, I saw that there was a vase of flowers by her feet with 3 orange gerberas in. I assumed they'd put the flowers on the floor as they ate so that they could see each other properly across the table. I sensed that God wanted to speak through these flowers so I logged that in my mind and continued to look round the room asking God to speak.

Later in the evening I looked back to the woman and saw that the vase of flowers was now back on the table. What was slightly confusing though was that the vase now had roses in! Where had the gerberas gone? I looked at all the other vases round the room and noticed that each of them had roses in; there were no gerberas to be seen! I figured God was speaking!

As we got up to prophesy towards the end of the evening I explained my slightly odd experience to the lady in question. That I'd initially seen 3 orange gerberas in the vase but then was later aware the vase had roses in. I asked her if gerberas meant anything to her. To my complete surprise she told me that during the previous week a friend of hers had given her a bouquet of flowers consisting simply of 3 orange gerberas! No flippin way! My friend John then prophesied some really accurate stuff off the back of my 'open vision'.

This has never happened to me before - what blew me away was how normal it was to see something that wasn't actually there atall! I absolutely loved it! Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Barnstaple, German Flag, Red Coat, Knee Pain!

I heard a great story the other day from some really good friends of mine who had an amazing encounter whilst on holiday in Tiverton. Such a fun example of being naturally supernatural!

Richard had a picture whilst in bed one morning of a signpost with the word Barnstaple across it. He'd never heard of the place before, but when he looked it up, found that it was only 20 miles from where they were staying! Later that same day he also got a picture of the German flag. Both images stayed with him throughout the day and so as a family they decided to pay Barnstaple a visit the next day.

As they arrived in the town Richard got a further two pictures of someone in a red coat suffering with knee pain. After a quick trip to Costa (all good people love Costa!) they were somewhat stunned to stumble across a market area with flags from different countries of the world hanging over the stalls. They made their way to the German flag which was directly above a stall being served by a lady in a red coat! God is so fun!

After plucking up some courage to speak to the lady it turned out that she did in fact have knee pain and she allowed Richard and Sarah to pray for also transpired that this lady used to live in Bedford (!) and that someone close to her had recently died which was causing her to have some difficulties with her faith! My friends got to share God's heart with this lady and pray for her that she would know His love in a new way.

How amazing is God that He would use my friends' holiday destination to love on and encourage one of His precious children (and how amazing are my friends, Richard and Sarah, for changing their plans to be obedient to God's promptings!) Do it again God!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Treasure Hunt on the Tube!

My courage buddy (Anna) and I went to London last weekend to watch 'Sister Act' on the stage. It was an amazing show and we had a really fun day together. Anna had the crazy idea that we should have a go at doing a treasure hunt on the tube! Her reasoning was that if we could do a treasure hunt on the tube (where nobody tends to speak to anyone else and there's nowhere to run and hide) we could do one anywhere!

When we arrived at St. Pancras we had the chance to settle our nerves with a quick Costa ;o) and then we set about creating our treasure maps. On the way to the tube we spoke to one lady who we thought was on our map but none of the clues made sense to her. On to the tube it was!

We had 3 stops on the tube before getting off at Oxford Circus. An initial look around the carriage showed us there was no-one matching any of our clues (Big fat PHEW!) But then at our first stop a guy came onto the tube and stood right next to me. The first thing I spotted was a hearing aid in his right ear (Oh no!)

I wrestled with my fear for a long while before Anna turned round to see him too. Then we wrestled with our combined fear together! Could we bring ourselves to speak to this complete stranger on a London tube where our conversation would be heard by all? I'm sad to say that this time round the answer was no.

After about half an hour of 'beating myself up' because I gave into fear, I realised that this had actually been a really helpful experience. What it revealed is that I don't have what it takes to be bold 'in the moment' without God breaking in. I've walked through quite alot of fear over the past few years and I think I'd come to rely on myself and my own strength to see breakthrough. Now I know to a new level that I'm totally dependent on God.

Anna and I are planning to head to the tubes again sometime in the future. There'll be much rejoicing when we get to walk through fear and see God's Kingdom break out. It will all be down to the grace of God and ALL glory will go to Him!