Monday, 28 June 2010

Encounter in the Pub!

I went out for a meal with some friends the other week and as we approached the end of the evening, Ali challenged me to get a word of knowledge for the lady working behind the bar. My immediate response? 'You get a word of knowledge for the lady behind the bar!' (Hello fear!)

But Ali's challenge got us thinking and we started to tune into God asking Him to speak to us about the lady's situation. Both Sarah and I felt there was some stuff going on for her to do with heartache and feeling lonely. To be totally honest with you, I was ready to head home for the evening (aka give into fear) Fortunately my friend Sarah was feeling bold and she decided to go and speak to the lady whilst there was a lull in customers.

As Sarah walked past me to go to the bar I was suddenly aware of God's presence and Him telling me that the lady was having trouble sleeping. I told Sarah what God had said and she then continued to the bar to find out if anything we were hearing made sense. It turned out that it did!

After about 5 minutes of Sarah chatting to the lady I felt God's presence again hearing Him say that the lady was a singer. Feeling more bold at this point I went to the bar to join Sarah and share what God had said. It turned out the lady was a singer; that when she isn't working behind the bar she's part of a girl band. She loves to sing! Sarah also filled me in on the fact that she had been struggling to sleep and that the hearache word had also made sense! Wow!

What was even more amazing was the fact that this lady told us she had been waiting for a 'God moment'! It turns out that she and her partner had both completed an Alpha Course and while she'd found it interesting to learn stuff about Christianity, she was waiting for something more to show her that God is real. We got to talk with her about the fact that this might be it! She was totally blown away and overwhelmed that God would reveal Himself in this way. Love it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy,

Big fan of the blog. You probably shouldnt put yourself down as much! If I was in a pub and my friend had done what yours did I would probably have hidden in the toilets till it was all over!

Anyhoo, keep telling stories.


Wendy said...

Thanks Tim :o)