Monday, 10 May 2010

Dreams Really do come True!

A very good friend of mine, Joy Barham, is coming to the end of a year's adventure as a student at BSSM (Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry) One of the things she has done during her time away is something called Dreamvesting - a coaching tool to help you identify dreams you have for your life and then, in turn, the steps you can take to fulfill them.

I decided that I would have a go and so I set about writing my dream list. A list of 100 dreams I have for my life under a variety of different headings including; spiritual, creative, personal, career, family, physical, emotional... To be honest with you it was quite a struggle. Initially I just about got to 50 and then wondered how on earth I would think up another 50 dreams. But after a few days of thinking outside the box (I realise that I need to practise this more often!) I had my 100 dreams typed out. Here are just a few examples:

1) To write a book
2) To climb a mountain
3) To be fluent in another language
4) To see someone raised from the dead
5) To go on safari

What's been really exciting is seeing God fulfilling some of my dreams without me doing anything. Dream #30 on my list is to be a godmother. A couple of weeks ago some very good friends of mine (Richard and Sarah Oliver) invited me over for a meal and to ask me if I'd consider being godmother to their little girl (Rae) who is due in the next few weeks. I had no hesitation in saying yes - I'm so excited!

Why don't you have a go at doing a dream list for your life. Top tip - remember that the one in charge of your dreams is able to do immeasurably more than all you can ask or imagine, so make sure you dream big!


Tim Heath said...

I've just submitted my dreams list as well....was a little harder than I thought, though I thought I was a dreamer!
Thanks for linking to their site.

Anonymous said...

wow thats great i listened to your preach you did on line in Bedford about the church it was SO helpful and wanted to encourage you to believe big things! i'm going to do a wish list too thanks again for your encouragement will sign up to your blog!