Thursday, 8 April 2010

Black and White, Pig Pen and Bronchitis!

We ran a Hit the Streets event in Rushden a few weeks ago. It was TSM's second outreach weekend where we go and serve another church in another town. About 70 people turned up to be trained and equipped in treasure hunting and seeing God's Kingdom come on the streets. We had some amazing encounters throughout the course of the day, but one in particular sticks in my mind.

One treasure hunting team had the clues black and white, pig pen and bronchitis (among other things). At one point they walked past a hairdressers that had a black and white coat in the window, so they decided to venture in to see if they could find any treasure.

As they walked into the hairdressers they realised that the whole place was actually decorated in black and white, and as they approached the ladies behind the counter, they overheard them talking about an old man who had recently died who had been a pig farmer!

As my friends explained what they were doing and how they had the clues black and white and pig pen both ladies were totally blown away that God would lead them to their salon. As they looked through the other clues, they were even more amazed to see the condition bronchitis on the map - one of the ladies had a daughter who was just recovering from that very condition! My friends got to pray for her for a complete recovery.

Throughout the course of the encounter, the treasure hunting team got to pray for everyone in the salon. The last lady they approached opened up about the fact that her daughter had recently been diagnosed with the most serious form of ovarian cancer. As this hurting mother sat in the hairdressers in tears, our team got to pray for her daughter and demonstrate God's tender and extravagant love once again. How amazing is God!

(The thing that topped it all off was when we got back together to share stories of what God had done while we'd been out on the streets, it turned out that this hairdressers is the place that Phil Dowling - the leader of the church in Rushden - gets his hair cut!)

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