Friday, 12 March 2010

TSM Family Photo

As a church we started out on an adventure in September of last year to run a training school to equip people in supernatural ministry. The name of the school? TSM (Training for Supernatural Ministry) The aim of the school? To equip students to live naturally supernatural teach them to pursue God's presence, to know who they are in Him and to release the Kingdom of God wherever they go.

We're now over half way through the year and we've had the most amazing time! Above is a picture of our TSM family. 22 outstanding individuals all after one thing...more of God and His Kingdom on the earth. It's a privilege to know such amazing men and women. What a family!

(We're now interviewing for TSM students for our next academic year. Download a prospectus and application form here.)


Nicola said...

Yeah I'd have to agree with you; they look like a pretty cool bunch (:
Xx Xx

mitchdcba said...

Congratulations. Hoping that you'd continue to inspire other individuals like us. Motivation is the key to everything.
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