Saturday, 6 March 2010

God spoke through a word of knowledge about Rocking Chairs!

One of the things I had to do when I went to Bethel this time round was prophesy over someone off the back of a word of knowledge. I was attending Bethel's supernatural school when Kris Vallotton was speaking. At one point during his talk he asked us to pair up with someone, hold their hands and ask God what He wanted to say to them. Kris gave us one minute to hear from God, but he specified that we had to start by getting a word of knowledge about their bedroom and then prophesy off the back of that! (What really impacted me was when Kris asked all those who'd got their word of knowledge wrong to put their hands up and we all applauded them for giving it a go anyway - it's so not about performance at Bethel!)

So when I got back home, I was sat in my living room with my housemate Carly and friend Ruth recounting this story and laughing about how fearful I felt and how I was going to get all the TSM students to give it a go at some point soon. As I started to tune into God in the moment, I felt Him talk to me about rocking chairs so I asked the girls if rocking chairs had any significance to either of them. Carly said that in the last house she'd lived in while back in America there were 2 rocking chairs and that she'd really enjoyed sitting in them. So Ruth and I had a go at prophesying off the back of this word of knowledge.

We talked about the significance of there being two chairs; that God wanted Carly to know that He was with her. We talked about the fact that the chairs represented comfort and that we saw Carly sitting on the rocking chair around a fire and really feeling rested and safe. We talked about God wanting Carly to know Him as her comforter. That He wanted her to be free to be totally herself around Him. And that was pretty much that. Little did we know just how significant the stuff we'd been prophesying was.

Carly told us that she'd felt most able to be herself in this house with the rocking chairs. She told us how she'd loved sitting with the lady she lived with - that she felt really safe. What was most amazing though was that the rocking chairs had been round a wood burner and the wood burner had the word COMFORTER engraved across its front! Carly told us that she'd loved the wood burner so much that she'd even taking a photo of it before coming to England. She got her laptop out to show us...two rocking chairs, sat round a large wood burner called comforter. WOW!

(It turned out that rocking chairs had significance for Ruth and I too - I'd forgotten about it at first but there used to be a rocking chair in my grandparents house - so each of us received prophesy off the back of this word of fun!)

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