Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Dates, street addresses and phone numbers

A few of us at the King's Arms are trying to develop our ability to hear increasingly accurate information from God. You know, the kind of stuff that means people leave meetings with no doubt in their minds that God is real; that He's good and that He's interested in the specifics of their life.

As some of my friends made their way down to East Grinstead last week, Anna who was in charge of the team challenged them to ask God for something they'd never asked Him for before. It turns out that all of them got dates and that God broke in! One of my friends, Ruth, got a date and a month (I think it was something like 20th October) As she shared her word of knowledge a girl in the meeting responded. It turned out that the date Ruth had was the birthday of her housemate who she was having difficulties with. What was even more exciting was that just before Ruth shared her date, this girl had asked God to give one of the team something for her, to pick her out!

On Saturday, 9 of us went down to Kent to run a ladies day with Gateway church. On the car journey we followed the example of our friends from the previous week and asked God for specific stuff we'd never asked for before. Some of us got dates, one of my friends got a street address and I asked God for a phone number (I was prophesied over when I was at Bethel that I would start to get phone numbers from God, so figured it would be good to start giving it a go!)

When we shared our words, some of them were accurate - I felt God gave me a word of knowledge about March 2002. It turned out that this was relevant for one lady and her husband as this was the time that the church they were leading folded. God did a deeper work of healing in her heart as we prayed for her. One friend had a word of knowledge about elbow pain which a lady responded to and another friend talked about pain someone was carrying from a miscarriage. We had the privilege of ministering to this lady who was clearly still burdened from losing her baby. We celebrated all that God did through these specific words.

Some of the words were completely off and we still celebrated what God did - this time, in us! The street address didn't mean anything to anyone and neither did the phone number. Not this time anyway! I know, though, that my friend and I grew as a result of stepping out into new territory. How great is it that our security as daughters of the King isn't based on anything we do but is all wrapped up in what Jesus did on the cross. We can get words of knowledge completely wrong and it can still be really fun!

To finish, let me ask you this question: What could you start having a go at to try and stretch your ability to hear God's voice? Practise makes perfect! (I promise to let you know when we get a street address or phone number spot on.)

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Tim Heath said...

Yeah, go for it!!! Been Treasure Hunting all week this week in St Petersburg....we've started getting Names right, which is just amazing!! More Lord for the TSM guys....and more for us while it's going please!!