Friday, 26 February 2010

HOTS Debut

HOTS stands for Healing on the Streets. It's an outreach technique that is spreading throughout the UK. We had our debut at TSM this week in Bedford town centre this week. Not heard of it before? Here's how it works:

1) Find a space in the town centre
2) Put out 4-6 wooden chairs for members of the public to sit on if they want prayer for healing
3) Erect a very tall banner with the word HEALING on
4) Position HOTS team near to the chairs armed with flyers explaining what's going on and offering to pray for healing.
5) Have umbrellas at the ready in case it rains!
6) Have envelopes with a letter of explanation and gospel tract in to give away to those who've received prayer

I was really surprised at how easy it was when we went out on Thursday...Here are some of the highlights:

1) The guy in charge of the market (and so us being in the town) was concerned that where we'd decided to set up wouldn't give us maximum exposure to members of the public!
2) We got to pray for a guy on crutches who when asked if he'd like to be prayed for where the team met him or on one of our 4 chairs, opted for one of our 4 chairs (which, by the way, are on a raised platform - with wheelchair access of course!) The stiffness in his knee went and a couple of TSM students on the team got to walk him through the gospel over about a period of about 30 minutes!
3) One of our students got to pray for a girl with a splint on her finger. After prayer the girl was encouraged to try and find pain in her finger...she couldn't!
4) A guy approached a team member standing by the chairs to share that his girlfriend had been diagnosed just the day before with bowel cancer. He was distraught. Our team got to be Jesus to him!
5) A couple of people we met shared stuff that someone on our team had known healing from themsleves. As they shared the testimony of what God had done in their life, both people asked when we would be back in town again - they wanted to bring their loved ones along so that we can pray for them!
6) To top it all off, one of our team members got to pray for a local MP!

There's only one word...A-MAZ-ING!


Fluffymuppet said...

What amazing God we have!!

Well done to the team for taking the RISK!!

Claire Rolland

James said...

Sounds really great Wendy! So encouraging to read about.