Monday, 8 February 2010

Did you overhear our conversation?

I got to prophesy over a good friend of mine at our recent leaders weekend away. Earlier in the weekend, Phil Wilthew and his wife Carole (our guest speakers - an outstanding couple with amazing prophetic gifts) had prayed for those of us who felt called to prophetic ministry. Carole had layed her hands on my ears commanding them to hear, and then on my eyes commanding them to see. I so long to hear God's voice more accurately.

So, I prophesied over my good friend and as I did so, he began to meet with God quite powerfully. When I spoke to him later he asked me if I'd overheard the conversation he'd been having with the guy who started out praying for him. I hadn't, but without realising it, as I prayed I'd pretty much repeated (in some instances word for word) what they'd been talking about. God used me to encourage my friend and confirm something of the calling that is over his life. What an immense privilege. Here's to the repetion of many more conversations!

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