Friday, 26 February 2010

HOTS Debut

HOTS stands for Healing on the Streets. It's an outreach technique that is spreading throughout the UK. We had our debut at TSM this week in Bedford town centre this week. Not heard of it before? Here's how it works:

1) Find a space in the town centre
2) Put out 4-6 wooden chairs for members of the public to sit on if they want prayer for healing
3) Erect a very tall banner with the word HEALING on
4) Position HOTS team near to the chairs armed with flyers explaining what's going on and offering to pray for healing.
5) Have umbrellas at the ready in case it rains!
6) Have envelopes with a letter of explanation and gospel tract in to give away to those who've received prayer

I was really surprised at how easy it was when we went out on Thursday...Here are some of the highlights:

1) The guy in charge of the market (and so us being in the town) was concerned that where we'd decided to set up wouldn't give us maximum exposure to members of the public!
2) We got to pray for a guy on crutches who when asked if he'd like to be prayed for where the team met him or on one of our 4 chairs, opted for one of our 4 chairs (which, by the way, are on a raised platform - with wheelchair access of course!) The stiffness in his knee went and a couple of TSM students on the team got to walk him through the gospel over about a period of about 30 minutes!
3) One of our students got to pray for a girl with a splint on her finger. After prayer the girl was encouraged to try and find pain in her finger...she couldn't!
4) A guy approached a team member standing by the chairs to share that his girlfriend had been diagnosed just the day before with bowel cancer. He was distraught. Our team got to be Jesus to him!
5) A couple of people we met shared stuff that someone on our team had known healing from themsleves. As they shared the testimony of what God had done in their life, both people asked when we would be back in town again - they wanted to bring their loved ones along so that we can pray for them!
6) To top it all off, one of our team members got to pray for a local MP!

There's only one word...A-MAZ-ING!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Did you overhear our conversation?

I got to prophesy over a good friend of mine at our recent leaders weekend away. Earlier in the weekend, Phil Wilthew and his wife Carole (our guest speakers - an outstanding couple with amazing prophetic gifts) had prayed for those of us who felt called to prophetic ministry. Carole had layed her hands on my ears commanding them to hear, and then on my eyes commanding them to see. I so long to hear God's voice more accurately.

So, I prophesied over my good friend and as I did so, he began to meet with God quite powerfully. When I spoke to him later he asked me if I'd overheard the conversation he'd been having with the guy who started out praying for him. I hadn't, but without realising it, as I prayed I'd pretty much repeated (in some instances word for word) what they'd been talking about. God used me to encourage my friend and confirm something of the calling that is over his life. What an immense privilege. Here's to the repetion of many more conversations!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

'All of my Life is a Mess'

On Friday I was on my way to the hospital (on foot) to catch up with one of our TSM outreach teams looking to see God break in there. I had a 'Message of Jesus' booklet in my back pocket (a leaflet we've produced as a church to communicate the gospel) because of Simon's recent provocation to 'always be ready for God encounters!'

On my way I walked past a young girl walking very slowly listening to her i-pod. As I rushed past her I felt a prompt in my spirit to slow down and chat to her. I kept walking, at a slightly slower pace, and asked God what He wanted to say. I felt He told me that she was worrying about a lot of things; that a member of her family was ill and that He wanted her to know that He was there. So I stopped her to have a chat.

It was surprisingly easy. She was very open and appreciative of my concern. It turned out that none of her family members was ill (we hear in part!), but that she was worried about an awful lot of things. In her own words...'all of my life is a mess.' She opened up about having had her heart broken by a guy recently and also about struggling with self-harm. She talked about how she was feeling depressed and lonely and how she wondered where God was in it all (Who opens up about this kind of stuff with a complete stranger?? God was clearly at work!)

So as we stood on the pavement next to Bedford river with cars driving by, I got to pray for this precious girl and ask God to break in and reveal Himself to her. I got to ask the God of all comfort to bring peace to this precious Daughter He had picked out - what a privilege. We walked together towards the hospital (she was on her way home) and got to chat more about life in general. As we said goodbye, I gave her my 'Message of Jesus' booklet and encouraged her to come and visit us at the King's Arms. I really hope I see her again. How amazing is it that as we're just 'doing life' God is wanting to break in with supernatural encounters. This is the 'normal' Christian life!