Monday, 11 January 2010

Salvation at the Spa!

I got an e-mail from a friend of mine the day after I got back from Center Parcs. She's an FP student based in Northampton and she's passionate about seeing God's Kingdom break out wherever she goes. She heard me share my story of Jane (the cleaner) getting healed in the toilets as I prayed for her and she decided to go one better! :o)

She told me that the evening after Jane had been healed and I'd shared my story she'd gone to the spa with a friend of hers to to get some pampering. At one point during the evening a guy walked past her and she felt God tell her that he had a sporting injury in his ankle and she was to offer to pray for him. So she did!

When she went to speak to him to tell him what God had said it turned out that she had heard absolutely right. He did have a problem with his ankle that was the result of a sporting injury. He was up for her and her friend praying so they did and straight away God's Kingdom came and he got healed!

But here's what's even more amazing... After about an hour of the guy asking my friends questions about what the heck had just happened. After them telling him about their relationship with God and what it means to know Him and follow Him; there and then in the spa he prayed a prayer and gave his life to Jesus! How incredible is that (you should be wooping with delight right now!) Healing and salvation in a doesn't get much better than that. Yay God and yay Claire and Hannah. Here's to much, much more!

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Sarah D said...

AMEN... WOOP...YIPEE...YES GOD...... We'll have some more of that please....!!!!!!!