Friday, 22 January 2010

He Wears a Stripey Scarf!

One of the things we do at TSM from time to time is to challenge ourselves in receiving words of knowledge from God (to be totally honest, I tend to do the challenging by asking 4-5 students at a time to get a word of knowledge as quickly as possible!) Basically we're wanting to develop our ability to hear accurately from God and because of the amazing family feel at TSM it's an ideal place to step out and learn from mistakes.

So a couple of weeks ago I 'picked on' 4 students and asked them to get a word of knowledge for someone in the room; I gave them about 5 minutes. As I'm a great believer in leading by example I also asked God to speak to me (I'm really wanting to grow in hearing Him more quickly so that when I'm speaking to people on the streets I can bring words of knowledge easily in the course of conversation). Within the space of about 30 seconds I had something and where previously I would have questionned it and wondered if it was really from God, this time I decided to trust that I'd heard Him and go for it.

I'd seen a man wearing a long black coat and a stripey scarf who I felt was called David. God had told me that this man suffered from some sort of mental illness. As I shared the word one of the students responded and told us that her Dad's name was David - he wore a long black coat and he'd been suffering from stress recently (she wasn't sure about the scarf) I got this text from her later in the day:

'My mum just popped in...she told us my Dad had been very stressed and down this week. He does have a long coat and stripey scarf...'

I left the training that day feeling very encouraged and challenged afresh to trust God's willingness to speak and my ability to recognise His voice. I am His sheep after all! Why don't you give this a go!

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