Friday, 8 January 2010

Healed in a Toilet Cubicle!

I was at center Parcs this week - just for a day. I went to visit the FP-Impact students, to pray and prophesy over them at a session Simon Holley was speaking at. It was lots of fun! (especially the fire tunnels!) But God also had another fun (quite unexpected) thing in store!

On the Thursday morning I popped to the loo at one point, only to bump into the cleaner who I later found out was called Jane. As I made my way to a toilet cubicle I greeted her as I greet most people I meet; 'Hey, how are you doing?' I didn't really expect her to respond, but to my surprise she immediately told me that she was in pain because she'd just pulled her achilles tendon. How could I not offer to pray?!?

I explained to her that all the people meeting up the hall were Christians and that we see people healed all the time and did she want me to pray for her. She immediately said yes and so as she stood in a loo cubicle (about to put a new lot of loo roll in) I crouched down, put my hand on her achilles and commanded the pain to go in Jesus' name (it must have been a pretty funny sight!)

When I'd finished praying I asked her how it felt. She said she'd be able to tell me if she walked around a bit and so I encouraged her to do so. After one lap of the ladies toilets she looked rather felt better. I asked her that if the original pain had been somewhere between 0-10 what would it have been. She said 10. 'And now?' I asked. 'Probably a 2' she said! I asked if I could pray again to get rid of the last bit of pain - she agreed. This time as she stood by the toilet sinks I crouched down and prayed again. This time as she went for a little walk she said that the pain had totally gone! How amazing is God! And who knew how much fun it could be to pop to the toilet!

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