Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Open Doors - Literally!

Our 'adopt a block' team had the genius idea of going carol singing on their street for their last outreach before the Christmas break.  The plan was to sing (obviously!) and then have some homemade cakes to give out to anyone who came to the door.

Before the teams went out we prayed for each other.  I remember praying for someone on the adopt a block team for open doors.  That God would put His favour on the team so that literal doors would be opened to them.  God loves to answer our prayers!  Even though the weather was horrible, the carol singers ventured out with song sheets and cakes in hand.

When all the teams returned, we heard from the adopt a block team that God's favour had indeed been upon them.  They told us that multiple times when they'd started to sing they could hear people in the houses frantically searching for some money to give them.  They then shared about the shock on people's faces when any money was refused and instead cakes were offered in addition to the singing.  One resident shared how they'd lived on the street for 16 years and had never had carol singers at the door!

At one point in the afternoon, a lady from across the street to where the team was currently singing, approached the team to ask if they were Christians.  When they replied 'yes', she asked if they could come into her house to pray for her and her children.  Who does that!  When was the last time you heard about carol singers being invited into someone's house for a cup of tea and some prayer!  A literal open door that two of the team had the privilege of walking through!  God is so amazing!

What was even more incredible was that when I shared this story at our church prayer meeting that evening, a guy in the church came over to me and explained that back in June he'd had a dream about people in the church going carol singing along streets near the building when it was freezing cold. He'd seen, in the dream, the carol singers offering gifts of light to the residents they sang to.  Incredible!  We got the idea a few weeks ago, but God had it in His thinking way before and He shared it in a dream with someone else in the church!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Side Plait and a Hat!

Every Thursday afternoon we do outreach as part of our 'Training for Supernatural Ministry' course. There are 6 teams that head out to 6 different locations in Bedford to learn how to release the Kingdom of God wherever they go! One team goes to the hospital, another offers to pray for the sick in the town centre, another looks to impact students at Bedford college, two teams are what we call 'creative' which means they ask God on the Thursday what He'd like them to do to bless people and then go and do it. The last team is our 'adopt a block' team which is looking to serve a particular street off Ampthill Road.

God is doing amazing stuff as we try to step out in obedience to Him, but I just have to share a particular highlight; something that's happened in the last couple of weeks with the adopt a block team.

A couple of weeks ago a girl on the team got a word of knowledge before heading out about meeting a lady with a side plait and wearing a hat. Towards the end of their time on the streets, they popped into a local shop to speak to the owner. While there, a lady came in pushing a pushchair wearing her hair in a side plait and a hat! Bingo!

Two of the team got into conversation with her - explained that they were Christians and that God had spoken to them about meeting her. The girl who'd had the word of knowledge then went on to prophesy over the lady, stuff God had said to her when she'd first got the word of knowledge before they'd ventured onto the streets. The lady was visibly touched by the encounter and what my friend had to say. When the team asked if there was anything they could pray for her about, she mentioned her sister in law who was currently in hospital recovering from an operation. The team offered to go to the hospital to pray for this lady's sister in law and the lady thought her sister in law would really like that, so she took their numbers.

A few days later one of the team got a text from the sister in law in hospital asking if they could go and pray for they did! They spent an hour with this precious lady - chatting and praying and generally encouraging her and learning some more about her life. What they learnt was incredible...

The lady in hospital is a Christian. One of the team who went to pray recognised her from when she worked as an LSA at a school in the town. She's been saved out of a Hindu family, one of 5 siblings. All the sisters are also Christians, but the brother isn't yet and she's been praying for him and her dad for a long time (the mum is also saved!). Who's the brother married to? The lady God led the team to that Thursday afternoon with the side plait and hat! It seems that God has His hand on this entire family!

The following Thursday as we shared what God had done in this encounter another student on TSM, Joy, worked out that the lady in the hospital used to live with her when she was 16 with a young baby. Joy had been instrumental in several of the sisters giving their lives to Jesus and hadn't seen her old friend for a number of years. That afternoon, as teams ventured out onto the streets again for more outreach, Joy got to go to the hospital for an incredibly precious reunion with the sister in law! They prayed together and caught up, and later Joy got a text to say she was hoping to be out of the hospital the next day!

By all accounts the lady who God picked out in the shop is totally blown away by what has been happening, both with what God said to her through the prophetic, but also with how God is working things out with her sister in law. I'm convinced that God is going to continue to do a mighty work in this entire family. To top it all off, the lady in the shop lives in a house that backs onto our new church building!

Who knew that serving the local community could be so much fun and open up so much stuff; and all this off the back of a word of knowledge! I absolutely love watching God at work!

Friday, 17 December 2010

A Bitter Sweet Day

For the past 8 years I have been working for the King's Arms church 3 days a week and teaching at an amazing local Upper School - Biddenham - 2 days a week. Over the course of those 8 years I have had responsibility in the church for student work, youth work and now I have the privilege of leading our training for supernatural ministry school - TSM.

Ever since I was offered 3 days a week with the church (in a meeting with Simon and PJ in the Swan hotel one Sunday before an evening service - I remember it well!) my ultimate dream has always been to be full-time; to give up teaching in order to be able to fully commit to what God is calling me to in the church. About 4 months ago this dream began to look more like a reality when the guys said they'd like to offer me an extra days work as of January.

In the past I've really struggled being at school and so the offer of an extra day at church - which would mean being able to stop teaching would have been a very easy decision; 'yes, absolutely, when do I start, can't wait?' However, over the past few years God has really worked in my heart and I have grown to love Biddenham, the kids there, the amazing friends I've made on staff and the general feel of the school. The decision, when the opportunity came, wasn't as easy as I'd expected.

One evening I was hanging out with some good friends of mine and I asked them, as I often like to do, if God was saying anything to them for me at the moment. One girl after a short while said she had the word school come into her head. With intrigue I asked her what she felt God was saying to her about school. Another pause and then the response, 'I think God is saying that your time at school is coming to an end.' Wow God! I asked another question, 'do you get any sense of the timing of that?' 'Christmas' came the reply!

After much prayer and having received further prophetic confirmation that means I know this is the right next step for me I handed my notice in at Biddenham just before the October half term. It was a difficult decision to leave something that I love where there are people that I love, but I know that means my heart is actually in the best place to be moving on. (it seems that God loves to release us into new things when we're grateful for where we are)

I'm so excited about the opportunity to fully commit to what God is calling me to in the church. To have time to develop TSM and to be able to say yes to more ministry adventures. God has been so good to me! Perhaps more than anything I'm grateful for the way that having to wait for this dream to be fulfilled has shaped my character and prepared my heart for 'such a time as this'. To say I'm excited would be an understatement!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

'Do you sing?'

I was at Alpha on Tuesday night to do some prophetic stuff. I wasn't intending to go, but last minute they needed more people so I agreed to help out. To be totally honest I was feeling the least prophetic that I've felt for a very long time. I was tired and feeling a bit under the weather. As I looked around the room at the 30 or so people who needed an encounter with God I felt overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. It's a good job that my ability to hear God's voice isn't dependent on how I feel!

God was so incredibly faithful! At the end of Steve's talk I had the opportunity to bring a couple of words from the front that were really accurate and that blessed the people being prophesied over. I love the look on people's faces when they realise, often for the first time, that God knows them. It's such a precious moment.

One girl I prophesied over reminded me of someone I know who is an excellent singer and performer. I felt God remind me of this person because I was to prophesy over this girl about singing. That's all I had. So I picked the girl out and simply asked the question, 'Do you sing?' Immediately she put her head in her hands and began to cry. I had nothing much else to say to her except that I felt like God was highlighting her singing ability. That He wanted her to enjoy it.

When I got to speak to the girl later it turned out that just the day before she'd been speaking to her boyfriend (who's really into music) and he'd said to her that she really should sing because she's so good. She had immediately rejected this suggestion because she didn't believe she was any good. Even though she used to sing and perform as a young girl she had lost a huge amount of confidence over the years. It had got to the point that she wouldn't sing at all.

Through the seemingly vague word I brought, God spoke truth into this girl's heart. He highlighted the very thing that used to bring this girl life, that the enemy was trying to steal away and started this precious girl on a journey of freedom and restoration. What an incredible Dad He is!

(I also got to bring a house number; 38. There was a guy there who lived at number 38. He felt God speak to him and encourage him even though I had nothing else to bring. Thank you Jesus!)

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Stretch out your Hand!

I had the privilege of ministering at Christ Central Manchester's student weekend away last weekend. The venue was a converted church building in Huddersfield. Stunning views, especially with the snow on the Saturday!

I took an amazing team with me (Amanda Joyes, Ben Leggott, Jez Wood) who did an excellent job at stepping out in God and expressing God's heart to the students. We got to meet some amazing people who very quickly felt like family and God turned up big time!

I'd already had some prophetic promises from God saying that this weekend was going to be significant. Someone prophesied over a year ago about me getting a call from the North and that in going to minister God would open up opportunity and favour. Then a friend of mine actually picked out 27th November as a date to keep an eye on regarding God breaking out and an increase in anointing.

At the end of worship on the Saturday morning I felt God give me a word of knowledge about someone in the room with a painful right wrist. God told me to simply ask the person to 'stretch out their hand' so that it would be healed...this was new!

I brought the word, a girl immediately responded. I asked this girl to stretch out her hand as God had instructed me. 'How's it doing?' I asked. 'It's still painful' the girl replied. So we began to contend. After 4 times of commanding the pain to go, the girls wrist was totally healed! Thank you Jesus!

It would have been fun if the wrist had been healed immediately off the back of the girl's obedience in stretching out her hand. Ultimately it was fun to take a risk and step out off the back of hearing God's voice. I'm fully expectant that one day we'll see this kind of healing in increased measure. We'll see what the Father is doing and speak it into being. Bring it on!

This is just one example of the amazing breakthrough God brought throughout the weekend...He really is so good all the time!

Monday, 15 November 2010

A new toenail grew!

Check out this testimony from Bethel that happened a few weeks ago. Isn't our God just so good!

'Two Fridays ago, a woman in church lost her toenail in the morning. She had smashed it, and it came off. She had only skin on her toe. Three women laid hands on her foot in the evening service. They didn’t see it grow out, but when they removed their hands, they saw that it was halfway grown out already. The lady could feel the power of God moving on her. The fun thing is that it grew out with red nail polish—to match her other toenails.'

I also heard today from my friend Joy who is over in Redding doing BSSM year 2 that a blind guy was baptised last night and when he came up out of the water he could see! Come on!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Baby steps to greater breakthrough!

You may have read before about conversations I've had with God to do with wanting to see the deaf hear and the blind see, and how God has reminded me regularly that in order to see the deaf hear and the blind see, I'm going to have to pray for some deaf and blind people! Well a few weeks ago now, whilst out on a treasure hunt, I feel like I made some baby steps to seeing greater breakthrough!

The first baby step came when I spotted a guy walking with a white cane. When we looked more closely we saw that he also had two hearing aids. Where in previous treasure hunts I would have avoided speaking to this man due to a mixture of unbelief and fear, this time me and another team member approached him to have a chat. He was such a lovely guy who was so open to chatting. As we came to the end of our conversation we offered to pray for him. He said he'd rather we didn't just then, but that we could once he'd gone. So that's what we did.

Later the same day we saw a guy in a wheelchair with only one leg. One of my map clues was 'one leg'. Again, where before I would have bottled it, this time I went to chat to the guy. We had an amazing chat. This guy was so open and welcoming. It turns out that he was an incredible athlete having played for the UK wheelchair basketball team! I told him that I'd heard of stories about people with missing limbs seeing them grow back through prayer and although he didn't doubt it, he was used to his one leg and didn't want prayer for it's healing. I prayed instead for him for general life stuff.

This Sunday just gone, was another baby step. I got to pray for a friend of mine with a very nasty rash over her body. It's incurable and incredibly itchy. As we prayed for the rash to go in Jesus' name, we kept our eyes on it in order to see it disappear in the moment - The very fact that that's what I was expecting felt different! We've got to start seeing skin conditions clear up instantaneously as we pray at King's Arms! It's only going to be a matter of time.

Just some of the examples of baby steps I'm taking to see greater breakthrough. The fun thing is that with each baby step, we're that bit closer! So much fun.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Google search - 'Backs healed'

Last week at the beginning of church we were encouraged, as we usually are, to find someone we'd never met before to say hi to. I spotted a couple a few rows back from me who I didn't recognise so I went to introduce myself. Fortunately, this wasn't one of those awkward moments where they'd actually been attending King's Arms for years. This was their very first Sunday and they were just visiting.

As the worship kicked off, Simon came over to me to say that we were going to be giving individual prophetic words from the front at the very end of the service and could I ask God for some. I decided that I'd ask God to speak to me about the couple I'd just met, as well as a few other faces I didn't recognise.

At the end of the service, I picked the couple out (after having prophesied over a girl I'd not met before stuff that didn't really make any sense to her - we hear in part!) and asked the guy if he played rugby? He said 'no'. I then asked him had he ever played rugby before? He said, 'not since being at school.' I explained to him that I'd seen a picture of him kicking a rugby ball and then a picture of a spine and that I felt God was highlighting that he suffered with a bad back. I asked him, 'do you suffer with a bad back?' He said, 'yes' with a slight smile on his face. His fiance immediately became tearful. We began to pray for healing.

I think we prayed about 5 times in all and the pain that this guy had been suffering with for around 10 years got slightly less (thank you Jesus!) He wasn't totally healed which was disappointing, but him and his fiance were hugely encouraged...It turns out that when they'd decided to go and visit another church just as a one off, the fiance had done a Google search of 'local churches - bad backs healed'. A recorded story from King's Arms had come up which they both listened too. Off the back of the story they'd decided to come and visit us specifically so that this guy could get his back prayed for.

What I love about God is that in His kindness He orchestrated events that morning to show the couple that He'd gone before them. Before they'd even had the chance to ask for prayer, He'd picked them out, identifying their specific need. The guy told us that he'd been really struggling with not being healed and that he'd been asking questions of God - 'Are you still there?' 'Are you hearing me?'. Last Sunday he got his answer. An emphatic YES!

Let's contend together for his complete healing!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Highlights from SA #3 - Healings

I'm now well and truly back into the swing of things here in Bedford. We're awaiting a visit from Ofsted at school any minute, we had our TSM social on Thursday and we start our second year with 36 students this week. It's all go, and yet there's still much to reflect on regarding our time in Durban. The healings were outstanding! (Truth be told...every healing is outstanding!)

A lady at the conference had suffered with breast cancer a few years ago. One evening during the course of the weekend her husband found her standing in front of a mirror at home crying. When he asked her if everything was ok she told him through tears of joy that all the scar tissue from the operation she'd had had completely disappeared! That wasn't all...she also noticed that the veins in her hands and arms, that couldn't be seen due to the damage caused from her chemotherapy treatment had suddenly now become visible! What an amazing breakthrough!

One of the guys on our team who'd never seen anyone healed before prayed for a lady who'd had pain in her shoulder from a bicycle accident for 10 years. After the first time of praying nothing changed, but when they prayed again all the pain left the lady's body and she was totally healed! I love it when God breaks in to heal long term conditions!

At one point during the conference we spoke about the importance of working through disappointment from our pasts so that the reality of God's goodness can really take root in our hearts. During the ministry time a guy at the back of the hall received incredible freedom as he met powerfully with the love of his Heavenly Father. At the start of the next session he testified to the fact that 5 years ago his dad had died and that 3 years ago he'd witnessed his mum being murdered. He told us that he hadn't known it was ok to express his feelings so he'd just buried them. God had set him free from immense amounts of anger and pain. Thank you Jesus! At the end of sharing this guy took great delight in telling us that he'd also been healed from a meat allergy and that he'd been enjoying tucking into meat ever since!

More stories of lives radically transformed. Love it!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Instant Healing!

The Bible regularly talks about the healing people received through Jesus' ministry as being instant...immediate...on the spot. I know that sometimes healing can come to people over time as we persevere in prayer and I love that, but I get really excited when healing comes instantly! This week we've seen a lot of instant healings...let me share just a couple of highlights:

Yesterday I was texting a friend of mine in South Africa who told me that she'd had a car accident during the day and that she was feeling sore in her body from the impact. I text her back commanding the pain in her body to go 'right now in the name of Jesus.' A couple of minutes later I received this reply;

'Ok so what if I told you I just got healed when I read that last message. I kid you not! God is totally amazing! and into modern technology apparently'

A remote healing for someone in another country. Isn't Jesus outstanding!

Then this eveing at church Simon brought a word of knowledge at the beginning of His preach about someone who had pain in their neck. A lady responded and stood to receive prayer. Simon encouraged her to test out her neck before prayer as it may already be healed. As she moved her neck from left to right she testified to the fact that the pain she'd had for 2 years had completely disappeared. No-one even prayed!

Here's to much more instant healing...Here's to becoming much more like Jesus!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Highlights from SA #2 - Treasure Hunting

I've never experienced a culture so open to being stopped and spoken to on the streets and then being up for receiving prayer. The spiritual atmosphere was tangibly different in Durban to what we currently experience in the UK. One of my prayers in coming home was that I would somehow bring the atmosphere with me. It will be fun to see if anything feels different when I go treasure hunting on Saturday.

After 2 hours on the streets there were a multitude of stories to be told. Here are some of the highlights:

One team had an encounter with a street kid who had a damaged hip bone. He'd fallen out of a tree 3 years earlier and he hadn't been able to put any weight on his leg since. After receiving prayer the hip bone was instantly healed. All pain went and the boy was able to jump around and walk normally again! Off the back of this miracle the boy, and his brother who had been watching everything that had happened, both gave their lives to Christ and were baptised in the Holy Spirit! Yay God!

Another team had the clues red, flowery hat and foot pain. They came across an elderly black lady wearing a red dress and a flowery head scarf. After chatting with her for a while they also discovered she was suffering with pain in her feet! One of the guys on our team offered to pray and knelt down to place his hands on her feet. After a short time of praying the pain in the lady's feet completely disappeared and she walked off punching the sky in delight. What was amazing about this encounter was that the guy who prayed was a white Afrikaans man. Watching a white Afrikaans man kneel at the feet of an elderly black lady was just an incredible reminder of how the Kingdom of God cuts across all cultural barriers!

On a different day a couple from our team had an incredible encounter in a township they were visiting. They got to pray for a lady who was in constant pain with a bad back, who had to be transported to and from places because the pain was so intense. After a few times of praying the lady stood up pain free for the first time in a long time. She walked round her hut full of joy and gratitude, saying that she was going to share what God had done for with as many people as she could. The lady's son, who'd been sitting in the shadows but had witnessed this miracle, after brief discussion with the team decided to give His life to Christ!

Miracles leading to salvation...sounds like the early church to me! Jesus is on the move in Durban!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Highlights from SA #1 - The Power of Confession

I remember the first time I ever sat down with someone to confess stuff from my past that I was ashamed off. I remember it so well because of the sheer terror I felt in talking about stuff that I felt sure would mean I'd be rejected and ridiculed. It took me about an hour to get the words out and the feelings of shame and guilt were almost unbearable. What was totally mind blowing was the way in which my friend Lucy listened with such love and acceptance. The grace that she showed me that day was like the grace that God shows us every day and it brought freedom in my life like I'd never experienced before. I can now, hand on heart, say that there's nothing from my past or present that I'm ashamed of that I haven't confessed to at least one person... and it's so liberating!

My first talk at the Supernatual conference was all about identity; getting to grips with and living in the good of who God says we are now that we're in Christ. I talked about the importance of confessing hidden stuff to break shame so that the enemy can't use our pasts against us to call into question our identity. I encouraged all at the conference to find trusted friends to open up to and talked about my own personal experience of knowing incredible freedom off the back of confession.

During the ministry time a very dear lady came up to me and with her head hung low told me there was something she needed to confess. I took her to one side and sat her down with my arm around her (I knew how this felt!) She went on to tell me something from her past that she'd never told anyone else before. As she confessed this hidden sin she was overcome with guilt and shame as she wept openly expressing pain and regret. I sat with her and held her communicating, in the best way I knew how, the unwavering love and acceptance of her heavenly Father. After repenting out loud I spoke truth over this precious daughter to break the shame:

- Jesus has removed your sin as far as the east is from the west
- When we confess our sin He is faithful and just to forgive us and purify us from all unrighteousness
- There is now no condemnation for those who believe

After I'd finished praying I asked the lady how she was feeling. 'Lighter' was her repsonse. We hugged for a bit, she returned to her seat and I went on to pray for someone else.

What was amazing to watch over the rest of the conference was how different this precious woman looked as she came into God's presence. For much of the rest of the weekend you would see this woman with the biggest grin on her face receiving overflowing joy from the Lord. She became the loudest laugher at the conference! In a 10 minute encounter shame was broken and joy was restored and this woman left the conference looking physically different! What an incredible miracle.

There's incredible power in confession...who are you talking to?

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New breakthrough in the prophetic!

I went to our church Alpha Course last Tuesday evening to do some prophetic ministry. The idea is that as a team (there were 4 of us) we spend some of the evening asking God what He wants to say to people we've never met before and then we share what we feel He's said as an encouragement to them that He knows them and loves them. It's such a lot of fun and this time I experienced 'a first' in the prophetic!

As soon as I walked in the room God drew my attention to a lady sitting at a table chatting to some friends of mine. I knew God wanted to speak to her. As I looked, I saw that there was a vase of flowers by her feet with 3 orange gerberas in. I assumed they'd put the flowers on the floor as they ate so that they could see each other properly across the table. I sensed that God wanted to speak through these flowers so I logged that in my mind and continued to look round the room asking God to speak.

Later in the evening I looked back to the woman and saw that the vase of flowers was now back on the table. What was slightly confusing though was that the vase now had roses in! Where had the gerberas gone? I looked at all the other vases round the room and noticed that each of them had roses in; there were no gerberas to be seen! I figured God was speaking!

As we got up to prophesy towards the end of the evening I explained my slightly odd experience to the lady in question. That I'd initially seen 3 orange gerberas in the vase but then was later aware the vase had roses in. I asked her if gerberas meant anything to her. To my complete surprise she told me that during the previous week a friend of hers had given her a bouquet of flowers consisting simply of 3 orange gerberas! No flippin way! My friend John then prophesied some really accurate stuff off the back of my 'open vision'.

This has never happened to me before - what blew me away was how normal it was to see something that wasn't actually there atall! I absolutely loved it! Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Barnstaple, German Flag, Red Coat, Knee Pain!

I heard a great story the other day from some really good friends of mine who had an amazing encounter whilst on holiday in Tiverton. Such a fun example of being naturally supernatural!

Richard had a picture whilst in bed one morning of a signpost with the word Barnstaple across it. He'd never heard of the place before, but when he looked it up, found that it was only 20 miles from where they were staying! Later that same day he also got a picture of the German flag. Both images stayed with him throughout the day and so as a family they decided to pay Barnstaple a visit the next day.

As they arrived in the town Richard got a further two pictures of someone in a red coat suffering with knee pain. After a quick trip to Costa (all good people love Costa!) they were somewhat stunned to stumble across a market area with flags from different countries of the world hanging over the stalls. They made their way to the German flag which was directly above a stall being served by a lady in a red coat! God is so fun!

After plucking up some courage to speak to the lady it turned out that she did in fact have knee pain and she allowed Richard and Sarah to pray for also transpired that this lady used to live in Bedford (!) and that someone close to her had recently died which was causing her to have some difficulties with her faith! My friends got to share God's heart with this lady and pray for her that she would know His love in a new way.

How amazing is God that He would use my friends' holiday destination to love on and encourage one of His precious children (and how amazing are my friends, Richard and Sarah, for changing their plans to be obedient to God's promptings!) Do it again God!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Treasure Hunt on the Tube!

My courage buddy (Anna) and I went to London last weekend to watch 'Sister Act' on the stage. It was an amazing show and we had a really fun day together. Anna had the crazy idea that we should have a go at doing a treasure hunt on the tube! Her reasoning was that if we could do a treasure hunt on the tube (where nobody tends to speak to anyone else and there's nowhere to run and hide) we could do one anywhere!

When we arrived at St. Pancras we had the chance to settle our nerves with a quick Costa ;o) and then we set about creating our treasure maps. On the way to the tube we spoke to one lady who we thought was on our map but none of the clues made sense to her. On to the tube it was!

We had 3 stops on the tube before getting off at Oxford Circus. An initial look around the carriage showed us there was no-one matching any of our clues (Big fat PHEW!) But then at our first stop a guy came onto the tube and stood right next to me. The first thing I spotted was a hearing aid in his right ear (Oh no!)

I wrestled with my fear for a long while before Anna turned round to see him too. Then we wrestled with our combined fear together! Could we bring ourselves to speak to this complete stranger on a London tube where our conversation would be heard by all? I'm sad to say that this time round the answer was no.

After about half an hour of 'beating myself up' because I gave into fear, I realised that this had actually been a really helpful experience. What it revealed is that I don't have what it takes to be bold 'in the moment' without God breaking in. I've walked through quite alot of fear over the past few years and I think I'd come to rely on myself and my own strength to see breakthrough. Now I know to a new level that I'm totally dependent on God.

Anna and I are planning to head to the tubes again sometime in the future. There'll be much rejoicing when we get to walk through fear and see God's Kingdom break out. It will all be down to the grace of God and ALL glory will go to Him!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Encounter in the Pub!

I went out for a meal with some friends the other week and as we approached the end of the evening, Ali challenged me to get a word of knowledge for the lady working behind the bar. My immediate response? 'You get a word of knowledge for the lady behind the bar!' (Hello fear!)

But Ali's challenge got us thinking and we started to tune into God asking Him to speak to us about the lady's situation. Both Sarah and I felt there was some stuff going on for her to do with heartache and feeling lonely. To be totally honest with you, I was ready to head home for the evening (aka give into fear) Fortunately my friend Sarah was feeling bold and she decided to go and speak to the lady whilst there was a lull in customers.

As Sarah walked past me to go to the bar I was suddenly aware of God's presence and Him telling me that the lady was having trouble sleeping. I told Sarah what God had said and she then continued to the bar to find out if anything we were hearing made sense. It turned out that it did!

After about 5 minutes of Sarah chatting to the lady I felt God's presence again hearing Him say that the lady was a singer. Feeling more bold at this point I went to the bar to join Sarah and share what God had said. It turned out the lady was a singer; that when she isn't working behind the bar she's part of a girl band. She loves to sing! Sarah also filled me in on the fact that she had been struggling to sleep and that the hearache word had also made sense! Wow!

What was even more amazing was the fact that this lady told us she had been waiting for a 'God moment'! It turns out that she and her partner had both completed an Alpha Course and while she'd found it interesting to learn stuff about Christianity, she was waiting for something more to show her that God is real. We got to talk with her about the fact that this might be it! She was totally blown away and overwhelmed that God would reveal Himself in this way. Love it!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Rae Elizabeth Oliver

A couple of posts ago I wrote about writing a dream list and shared how one of my dreams had already come true as I was asked by close friends of mine to be godmother to their 'soon to be born' daughter. I felt it was only right to introduce you to her now that she's here. She is such a cutie... I'm so excited about getting to know her over the next few weeks, months and years and I'm also really excited about all God will teach me through her. What an incredible privilege!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Salvation on the Steets of Bedford!

When the TSM outreach teams returned to our offices with news of 3 salvations on the streets over the space of an hour and a half, my response was one of utter shock and unbelief. Although it's something I long to see, clearly there's still some way to go for it to be what I expect to see everytime we venture out! At our Heaven Touches Earth conference over the weekend, Julian Adams prophesied over the TSM students about there being a new level of breakthrough particularly in the area of outreach. God was true to His promise; we had an amazing time on the streets - here are some of the headlines:

1) A couple of the hospital team sat on a bench next to a lady, got in conversation with her and found out she had pain in her hips. After prayer, the pain had completely gone and the lady was in tears, totally blown away. The team also prayed for the lady's husband who was in the hospital in the process of having tests for ulcers. When the husband returned, he had good news saying he hadn't felt so good in a very long time!
2) The hospital team also came across a very broken and desperate lady who they got to love on and share God's heart with...after sharing the good news of the gospel with her, she prayed a prayer of commitment! Wow!
3) Another outreach team got to pray for a teenage girl who had pain in her knee. After prayer the pain had gone from a 7 to a 2. After more prayer the girl was completely healed. After sharing the gospel with this precious girl, she also gave her life to the Lord!
4) Others on the same team got in conversation with a young Mum with twin boys who were both ill from being born prematurely. The team got to pray for the boys (one of whom was there and one who was in the hospital recovering from surgery) As the team talked to this lady about the love God has for her and what Jesus did for her on the cross, she also gave her life to Him!
5) The team I was out with didn't see anyone healed or saved, but we did get to share God's heart with a lot of different people. At one point we approached a couple of teenage lads - God gave me a word of knowledge about one of them having a bad knee - the guy with the bad knee didn't want prayer, but his mate did and so we asked God to break into his life. What an amazing privilege.

As I walked home after TSM on Thursday I chuckled to myself at the thought of having to write some training on what to do when someone gives their life to Jesus on the streets! We haven't had any up to this point as we haven't seen breakthrough in salvation on a consistent basis (I think we've seen it happen maybe 3 times before). I believe we're going to see it much more frequently fact, I'm going to expect it!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Dreams Really do come True!

A very good friend of mine, Joy Barham, is coming to the end of a year's adventure as a student at BSSM (Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry) One of the things she has done during her time away is something called Dreamvesting - a coaching tool to help you identify dreams you have for your life and then, in turn, the steps you can take to fulfill them.

I decided that I would have a go and so I set about writing my dream list. A list of 100 dreams I have for my life under a variety of different headings including; spiritual, creative, personal, career, family, physical, emotional... To be honest with you it was quite a struggle. Initially I just about got to 50 and then wondered how on earth I would think up another 50 dreams. But after a few days of thinking outside the box (I realise that I need to practise this more often!) I had my 100 dreams typed out. Here are just a few examples:

1) To write a book
2) To climb a mountain
3) To be fluent in another language
4) To see someone raised from the dead
5) To go on safari

What's been really exciting is seeing God fulfilling some of my dreams without me doing anything. Dream #30 on my list is to be a godmother. A couple of weeks ago some very good friends of mine (Richard and Sarah Oliver) invited me over for a meal and to ask me if I'd consider being godmother to their little girl (Rae) who is due in the next few weeks. I had no hesitation in saying yes - I'm so excited!

Why don't you have a go at doing a dream list for your life. Top tip - remember that the one in charge of your dreams is able to do immeasurably more than all you can ask or imagine, so make sure you dream big!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Charles Finney = LEGEND!

I've recently finished reading the autobiography of Charles G Finney - The life story of America's Greatest Evangelist - in his own words. God has used it to impact me in so many ways! It's packed full of story after story of God breaking in and Finney experiencing sustained revival (just as God intended it) wherever he went!

It tells of a time when Finney was asked to say grace before a meal and how he was so overcome with compassion for the state of the soul of an unbeliever at the table that mid-sentence he began to weep. Before long, the unbeliever at the table left the meal and locked himself in his room until morning, at which point he came out having been converted overnight!

It tells of a time when Finney visited a factory and the conviction of God came upon the workers so strongly (just becasue Finney had walked into the room) that all of them stopped working in order to get their lives right with God. The whole factory was converted and revival broke out again!

I've felt convicted on so many levels - firstly because of my lack of compassion for those around me who don't yet know Jesus - secondly because somewhere along the line I've lost faith in the power of the gospel to radically and completely change lives - thirdly because I'm not regularly on my knees crying out to God for breakthrough, full of expectation that my prayers will be answered and His Kingdom will come! I've got so much to learn!

I am grateful to God that while on this journey of discovery we do get to see and be part of God's Kingdom breaking out on the earth. One thing Finney did was to encourage his church members to scatter themselves throughout the church building to keep an eye out for people God was impacting during his sermon so that at the end of the service they could go and speak to them and lead them to the Lord. 'In this way the conversion of a great many souls was secured.' Just last Sunday at King's Arms, a teenage girl came along for the very first time and God really met with her throughout the service. Inspired by Finney, at the end of the meeting I went to chat with her. Not long after we'd sat down together she was recommitting her life to God, tears streaming down her face, and then she was baptised in the Holy Spirit. It doesn't get much better than that!

This Sunday why not keep an eye out for who God is impacting at your church service and then, when you get the chance, go and speak with them. Who knows what God might do!

Friday, 9 April 2010

I've got a Courage Buddy!

Have you got a courage buddy? I've been wanting for a long while to see the deaf hear and the blind see in Bedford - after all it's what Jesus promises right? But, a few weeks ago my Heavenly Dad highlighted to me that the only way I was going to see the deaf hear and the blind see was to start praying for some deaf and blind people. I decided I wasn't quite brave enough to approach people on the streets on my own in this new venture, so I found myself a courage buddy - Anna Heasman! We've now been out twice in Bedford town centre to intentionally look for the deaf and blind to pray for. No breakthroughs yet, but we did have a really exciting encounter the last time we went out. Here's what happened...

Anna and I were talking about wanting to grow in hearing God prophetically for people as we meet them in town. It's all very well spotting that they're ill and offering to pray for healing, it's quite another thing to reveal the secrets of their hearts in the moment as you learn to tune in to God. So, we thought we'd give it a go!

I spotted a lady as we walked in to the Harpur Centre in town and about 5 minutes later I saw her again. She was on her way into WH Smith. I told Anna that I felt God wanted to speak to her and so we followed her in. As she spent time looking for DVD's we spent time trying to hear from God about stuff to do with her current situation...what did God want to say? When we 'compared notes' we had fairly similar stuff. I felt God wanted to speak to her about something fairly major that she was worried about, something to do with her job. Anna felt that she might be a teacher, so we positioned ourselves just outside WH Smith to wait for her to come out.

As she left the shop we stopped her and explained that we were Christians and that we felt God had spoken to us about her to encourage her. She was really happy for us to share what God had said. As I started to share with her, tears began to well up in her eyes. I talked about her being worried about her job situation and that she felt really lonely in it and I told her that God wanted to pick her out to tell her He was with her. She could barely hold it together. Here's what we found out...

This precious lady had arrived in the country at the end of December from New Zealand. She knew hardly any people and was feeling very lonely. She was also having a really tough time at work which she was really worried about. She was about to start a new job as she'd had to leave her last one under difficult circumstances. What is it that she does? She's a supply teacher!

How amazing is it of God to pick this lady out of the whole of Bedford town to tell her that He knows her and He's with her - that even though she's travelled halfway round the world and everything is feeling a little bit desperate, He's looking out for her. It was an amazing encounter and an incredible privilege to communicate God's heart to His precious daughter.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Black and White, Pig Pen and Bronchitis!

We ran a Hit the Streets event in Rushden a few weeks ago. It was TSM's second outreach weekend where we go and serve another church in another town. About 70 people turned up to be trained and equipped in treasure hunting and seeing God's Kingdom come on the streets. We had some amazing encounters throughout the course of the day, but one in particular sticks in my mind.

One treasure hunting team had the clues black and white, pig pen and bronchitis (among other things). At one point they walked past a hairdressers that had a black and white coat in the window, so they decided to venture in to see if they could find any treasure.

As they walked into the hairdressers they realised that the whole place was actually decorated in black and white, and as they approached the ladies behind the counter, they overheard them talking about an old man who had recently died who had been a pig farmer!

As my friends explained what they were doing and how they had the clues black and white and pig pen both ladies were totally blown away that God would lead them to their salon. As they looked through the other clues, they were even more amazed to see the condition bronchitis on the map - one of the ladies had a daughter who was just recovering from that very condition! My friends got to pray for her for a complete recovery.

Throughout the course of the encounter, the treasure hunting team got to pray for everyone in the salon. The last lady they approached opened up about the fact that her daughter had recently been diagnosed with the most serious form of ovarian cancer. As this hurting mother sat in the hairdressers in tears, our team got to pray for her daughter and demonstrate God's tender and extravagant love once again. How amazing is God!

(The thing that topped it all off was when we got back together to share stories of what God had done while we'd been out on the streets, it turned out that this hairdressers is the place that Phil Dowling - the leader of the church in Rushden - gets his hair cut!)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Dates, street addresses and phone numbers

A few of us at the King's Arms are trying to develop our ability to hear increasingly accurate information from God. You know, the kind of stuff that means people leave meetings with no doubt in their minds that God is real; that He's good and that He's interested in the specifics of their life.

As some of my friends made their way down to East Grinstead last week, Anna who was in charge of the team challenged them to ask God for something they'd never asked Him for before. It turns out that all of them got dates and that God broke in! One of my friends, Ruth, got a date and a month (I think it was something like 20th October) As she shared her word of knowledge a girl in the meeting responded. It turned out that the date Ruth had was the birthday of her housemate who she was having difficulties with. What was even more exciting was that just before Ruth shared her date, this girl had asked God to give one of the team something for her, to pick her out!

On Saturday, 9 of us went down to Kent to run a ladies day with Gateway church. On the car journey we followed the example of our friends from the previous week and asked God for specific stuff we'd never asked for before. Some of us got dates, one of my friends got a street address and I asked God for a phone number (I was prophesied over when I was at Bethel that I would start to get phone numbers from God, so figured it would be good to start giving it a go!)

When we shared our words, some of them were accurate - I felt God gave me a word of knowledge about March 2002. It turned out that this was relevant for one lady and her husband as this was the time that the church they were leading folded. God did a deeper work of healing in her heart as we prayed for her. One friend had a word of knowledge about elbow pain which a lady responded to and another friend talked about pain someone was carrying from a miscarriage. We had the privilege of ministering to this lady who was clearly still burdened from losing her baby. We celebrated all that God did through these specific words.

Some of the words were completely off and we still celebrated what God did - this time, in us! The street address didn't mean anything to anyone and neither did the phone number. Not this time anyway! I know, though, that my friend and I grew as a result of stepping out into new territory. How great is it that our security as daughters of the King isn't based on anything we do but is all wrapped up in what Jesus did on the cross. We can get words of knowledge completely wrong and it can still be really fun!

To finish, let me ask you this question: What could you start having a go at to try and stretch your ability to hear God's voice? Practise makes perfect! (I promise to let you know when we get a street address or phone number spot on.)

Friday, 12 March 2010

TSM Family Photo

As a church we started out on an adventure in September of last year to run a training school to equip people in supernatural ministry. The name of the school? TSM (Training for Supernatural Ministry) The aim of the school? To equip students to live naturally supernatural teach them to pursue God's presence, to know who they are in Him and to release the Kingdom of God wherever they go.

We're now over half way through the year and we've had the most amazing time! Above is a picture of our TSM family. 22 outstanding individuals all after one thing...more of God and His Kingdom on the earth. It's a privilege to know such amazing men and women. What a family!

(We're now interviewing for TSM students for our next academic year. Download a prospectus and application form here.)

Monday, 8 March 2010

Suspected Ovarian Cyst - Vanished!

I received an e-mail this morning that was so encouraging. It's true that our areas of greatest pain and disappointment can become our areas of greatest breakthrough...

'You came to Stamford Community Church at the end of 2009 for a prophetic evening. You had a word and prayed with me about my fears and anxieties concerning my womb - that week I had previously had a serious bout of crippling stomach pain and the doctors were concerned I might have an ovarian cyst of some sort. I was due to have a scan in hospital and was really stressed about it all.

Thank you for praying with me. That following week I was overwhelmed by a sense of God's love for me and felt a deep peace about going for the scan, knowing that God was in control and there was no need to be anxious. I went for my scan and the nurse said she couldn't find anything remotely wrong. It was all in top working order! :D

Incidentally, I am now 10 weeks pregnant!
How good is our God?!'

He is oustandingly good! Thank you Jesus!

40 Day Negativity Fast

A group of friends and I are going to give this a go starting tomorrow. Why don't you join us!

'A 40 day negativity fast is where, for 40 days, you choose to take every negative thought captive and choose to declare the goodness of God over your life and the lives of those around you.'

What a negativity fast is not:
1) It is not denying that problems exist
2) It is not 'stuffing things down' that are wrong
3) It is not critical of others who may be struggling
4) It is not irresponsible concerning things that need to be done.

What a negativity fast is:
1) It is determining to focus more on God's promises than on problems
2) It is learning to speak with hope about even the toughest of issues
3) It is becoming 'solution focused' rather than 'problem focused.'
4) It is refraining from giving voice to pessimism, criticism of others, self-criticism and other forms of unbelief
5) It is speaking about problems to the right people in the right way
6) It is replacing negative words and thoughts with positive words and thoughts based on the promises of God.

Let me know how you get on!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

God spoke through a word of knowledge about Rocking Chairs!

One of the things I had to do when I went to Bethel this time round was prophesy over someone off the back of a word of knowledge. I was attending Bethel's supernatural school when Kris Vallotton was speaking. At one point during his talk he asked us to pair up with someone, hold their hands and ask God what He wanted to say to them. Kris gave us one minute to hear from God, but he specified that we had to start by getting a word of knowledge about their bedroom and then prophesy off the back of that! (What really impacted me was when Kris asked all those who'd got their word of knowledge wrong to put their hands up and we all applauded them for giving it a go anyway - it's so not about performance at Bethel!)

So when I got back home, I was sat in my living room with my housemate Carly and friend Ruth recounting this story and laughing about how fearful I felt and how I was going to get all the TSM students to give it a go at some point soon. As I started to tune into God in the moment, I felt Him talk to me about rocking chairs so I asked the girls if rocking chairs had any significance to either of them. Carly said that in the last house she'd lived in while back in America there were 2 rocking chairs and that she'd really enjoyed sitting in them. So Ruth and I had a go at prophesying off the back of this word of knowledge.

We talked about the significance of there being two chairs; that God wanted Carly to know that He was with her. We talked about the fact that the chairs represented comfort and that we saw Carly sitting on the rocking chair around a fire and really feeling rested and safe. We talked about God wanting Carly to know Him as her comforter. That He wanted her to be free to be totally herself around Him. And that was pretty much that. Little did we know just how significant the stuff we'd been prophesying was.

Carly told us that she'd felt most able to be herself in this house with the rocking chairs. She told us how she'd loved sitting with the lady she lived with - that she felt really safe. What was most amazing though was that the rocking chairs had been round a wood burner and the wood burner had the word COMFORTER engraved across its front! Carly told us that she'd loved the wood burner so much that she'd even taking a photo of it before coming to England. She got her laptop out to show us...two rocking chairs, sat round a large wood burner called comforter. WOW!

(It turned out that rocking chairs had significance for Ruth and I too - I'd forgotten about it at first but there used to be a rocking chair in my grandparents house - so each of us received prophesy off the back of this word of fun!)

Friday, 26 February 2010

HOTS Debut

HOTS stands for Healing on the Streets. It's an outreach technique that is spreading throughout the UK. We had our debut at TSM this week in Bedford town centre this week. Not heard of it before? Here's how it works:

1) Find a space in the town centre
2) Put out 4-6 wooden chairs for members of the public to sit on if they want prayer for healing
3) Erect a very tall banner with the word HEALING on
4) Position HOTS team near to the chairs armed with flyers explaining what's going on and offering to pray for healing.
5) Have umbrellas at the ready in case it rains!
6) Have envelopes with a letter of explanation and gospel tract in to give away to those who've received prayer

I was really surprised at how easy it was when we went out on Thursday...Here are some of the highlights:

1) The guy in charge of the market (and so us being in the town) was concerned that where we'd decided to set up wouldn't give us maximum exposure to members of the public!
2) We got to pray for a guy on crutches who when asked if he'd like to be prayed for where the team met him or on one of our 4 chairs, opted for one of our 4 chairs (which, by the way, are on a raised platform - with wheelchair access of course!) The stiffness in his knee went and a couple of TSM students on the team got to walk him through the gospel over about a period of about 30 minutes!
3) One of our students got to pray for a girl with a splint on her finger. After prayer the girl was encouraged to try and find pain in her finger...she couldn't!
4) A guy approached a team member standing by the chairs to share that his girlfriend had been diagnosed just the day before with bowel cancer. He was distraught. Our team got to be Jesus to him!
5) A couple of people we met shared stuff that someone on our team had known healing from themsleves. As they shared the testimony of what God had done in their life, both people asked when we would be back in town again - they wanted to bring their loved ones along so that we can pray for them!
6) To top it all off, one of our team members got to pray for a local MP!

There's only one word...A-MAZ-ING!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Did you overhear our conversation?

I got to prophesy over a good friend of mine at our recent leaders weekend away. Earlier in the weekend, Phil Wilthew and his wife Carole (our guest speakers - an outstanding couple with amazing prophetic gifts) had prayed for those of us who felt called to prophetic ministry. Carole had layed her hands on my ears commanding them to hear, and then on my eyes commanding them to see. I so long to hear God's voice more accurately.

So, I prophesied over my good friend and as I did so, he began to meet with God quite powerfully. When I spoke to him later he asked me if I'd overheard the conversation he'd been having with the guy who started out praying for him. I hadn't, but without realising it, as I prayed I'd pretty much repeated (in some instances word for word) what they'd been talking about. God used me to encourage my friend and confirm something of the calling that is over his life. What an immense privilege. Here's to the repetion of many more conversations!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

'All of my Life is a Mess'

On Friday I was on my way to the hospital (on foot) to catch up with one of our TSM outreach teams looking to see God break in there. I had a 'Message of Jesus' booklet in my back pocket (a leaflet we've produced as a church to communicate the gospel) because of Simon's recent provocation to 'always be ready for God encounters!'

On my way I walked past a young girl walking very slowly listening to her i-pod. As I rushed past her I felt a prompt in my spirit to slow down and chat to her. I kept walking, at a slightly slower pace, and asked God what He wanted to say. I felt He told me that she was worrying about a lot of things; that a member of her family was ill and that He wanted her to know that He was there. So I stopped her to have a chat.

It was surprisingly easy. She was very open and appreciative of my concern. It turned out that none of her family members was ill (we hear in part!), but that she was worried about an awful lot of things. In her own words...'all of my life is a mess.' She opened up about having had her heart broken by a guy recently and also about struggling with self-harm. She talked about how she was feeling depressed and lonely and how she wondered where God was in it all (Who opens up about this kind of stuff with a complete stranger?? God was clearly at work!)

So as we stood on the pavement next to Bedford river with cars driving by, I got to pray for this precious girl and ask God to break in and reveal Himself to her. I got to ask the God of all comfort to bring peace to this precious Daughter He had picked out - what a privilege. We walked together towards the hospital (she was on her way home) and got to chat more about life in general. As we said goodbye, I gave her my 'Message of Jesus' booklet and encouraged her to come and visit us at the King's Arms. I really hope I see her again. How amazing is it that as we're just 'doing life' God is wanting to break in with supernatural encounters. This is the 'normal' Christian life!

Friday, 22 January 2010

He Wears a Stripey Scarf!

One of the things we do at TSM from time to time is to challenge ourselves in receiving words of knowledge from God (to be totally honest, I tend to do the challenging by asking 4-5 students at a time to get a word of knowledge as quickly as possible!) Basically we're wanting to develop our ability to hear accurately from God and because of the amazing family feel at TSM it's an ideal place to step out and learn from mistakes.

So a couple of weeks ago I 'picked on' 4 students and asked them to get a word of knowledge for someone in the room; I gave them about 5 minutes. As I'm a great believer in leading by example I also asked God to speak to me (I'm really wanting to grow in hearing Him more quickly so that when I'm speaking to people on the streets I can bring words of knowledge easily in the course of conversation). Within the space of about 30 seconds I had something and where previously I would have questionned it and wondered if it was really from God, this time I decided to trust that I'd heard Him and go for it.

I'd seen a man wearing a long black coat and a stripey scarf who I felt was called David. God had told me that this man suffered from some sort of mental illness. As I shared the word one of the students responded and told us that her Dad's name was David - he wore a long black coat and he'd been suffering from stress recently (she wasn't sure about the scarf) I got this text from her later in the day:

'My mum just popped in...she told us my Dad had been very stressed and down this week. He does have a long coat and stripey scarf...'

I left the training that day feeling very encouraged and challenged afresh to trust God's willingness to speak and my ability to recognise His voice. I am His sheep after all! Why don't you give this a go!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I wouldn't normally do this, BUT...

I got to preach at King's Arms on Sunday on the topic of my choice. It was lots of fun! Just under a year ago while I was in my bedroom reading a very familiar passage of scripture, God spoke to me in quite a profound way, giving me revelation that has literally changed the way I'm living my life.

I wouldn't normally put a link to preaches I've done on my blog, but I know that God is really on this one and so I'd love for you to have access to it. If you find yourself with a spare 30 minutes anytime soon, have a little listen and then let me know what you think. Enjoy!

You can access the preach here.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Salvation at the Spa!

I got an e-mail from a friend of mine the day after I got back from Center Parcs. She's an FP student based in Northampton and she's passionate about seeing God's Kingdom break out wherever she goes. She heard me share my story of Jane (the cleaner) getting healed in the toilets as I prayed for her and she decided to go one better! :o)

She told me that the evening after Jane had been healed and I'd shared my story she'd gone to the spa with a friend of hers to to get some pampering. At one point during the evening a guy walked past her and she felt God tell her that he had a sporting injury in his ankle and she was to offer to pray for him. So she did!

When she went to speak to him to tell him what God had said it turned out that she had heard absolutely right. He did have a problem with his ankle that was the result of a sporting injury. He was up for her and her friend praying so they did and straight away God's Kingdom came and he got healed!

But here's what's even more amazing... After about an hour of the guy asking my friends questions about what the heck had just happened. After them telling him about their relationship with God and what it means to know Him and follow Him; there and then in the spa he prayed a prayer and gave his life to Jesus! How incredible is that (you should be wooping with delight right now!) Healing and salvation in a doesn't get much better than that. Yay God and yay Claire and Hannah. Here's to much, much more!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Healed in a Toilet Cubicle!

I was at center Parcs this week - just for a day. I went to visit the FP-Impact students, to pray and prophesy over them at a session Simon Holley was speaking at. It was lots of fun! (especially the fire tunnels!) But God also had another fun (quite unexpected) thing in store!

On the Thursday morning I popped to the loo at one point, only to bump into the cleaner who I later found out was called Jane. As I made my way to a toilet cubicle I greeted her as I greet most people I meet; 'Hey, how are you doing?' I didn't really expect her to respond, but to my surprise she immediately told me that she was in pain because she'd just pulled her achilles tendon. How could I not offer to pray?!?

I explained to her that all the people meeting up the hall were Christians and that we see people healed all the time and did she want me to pray for her. She immediately said yes and so as she stood in a loo cubicle (about to put a new lot of loo roll in) I crouched down, put my hand on her achilles and commanded the pain to go in Jesus' name (it must have been a pretty funny sight!)

When I'd finished praying I asked her how it felt. She said she'd be able to tell me if she walked around a bit and so I encouraged her to do so. After one lap of the ladies toilets she looked rather felt better. I asked her that if the original pain had been somewhere between 0-10 what would it have been. She said 10. 'And now?' I asked. 'Probably a 2' she said! I asked if I could pray again to get rid of the last bit of pain - she agreed. This time as she stood by the toilet sinks I crouched down and prayed again. This time as she went for a little walk she said that the pain had totally gone! How amazing is God! And who knew how much fun it could be to pop to the toilet!