Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Treasure in King's Lynn

TSM had its first Mission Outreach opportunity a few weekends ago. 20 of us made the hour and a half journey to King's Lynn to serve Andy Moyle and the church he's leading there. We had such a great time as God broke in on the streets (as He always does!)

One of my highlights happened along the waterfront in the freezing cold. Nothing 'outstanding' took place, but I was reminded again of how incredible God is at bringing clues together at just the right time and how He has such a brilliant sense of humour. I think God loves treasure hunting because His kids are totally dependent on Him and He gets to blow their brains!

So one of the clues I had was yellow coat. As we were waking along the waterfront, up ahead I spotted an older chap cycling towards us wearing a very bright yellow coat. I pointed him out to the team and then we spent the next few minutes trying to decide whether or not we should stop him - would it be too dangerous to try and stop him as he was cycling? He was moving pretty slowly so it could be done, but would it bless him?? He was literally a few metres away from us when I made the call that it would be too dangerous to try and stop him so we decided to move on. That's when God broke in.

I kid you not, as the chap in the yellow coat got directly next to where we were he slammed on his breaks and stopped to watch a flock of birds taking off from the water - UNBELIEVABLE!! God clearly wanted us to speak to this man and as we did we found a whole load of clues that showed us he was God's treasure; He attended St Margaret's church; He had problems with his knees; his name was Bob. As it turns out he didn't want any prayer, but he left feeling blessed and we left feeling very encouraged. Being in relationship with God is so much fun.

One team during the course of the afternoon had an incredible encounter with a bunch of teenagers where they saw God break in to heal 6 or 7 conditions in one hit! Listen to Nicky share the full story here.

(The journey back to Bedford was lots of fun too. We were playing the animal game in our car and I won! For more details about the game and how to lose all your points speak to my friend Ruth :o))

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