Thursday, 26 November 2009

'That Doesn't Happen?!'

A friend of mine has been ill with a bad heart for a long time. He's had one operation already which didn't work and is due a second in a weeks time. Unfortunately when he went to the hospital recently to have a check up, a blood test revealed that his blood levels were dangerously high at 7.8 (basically what this meant was that his blood's ability to clot was virtually non-existent - not a good situation to be in when you're due to have an operation)

When he came to small group on Tuesday night (the day after this blood test was taken) he told us that if his blood levels didn't improve dramatically he wouldn't be able to have the surgery that he so desperately wanted. He's been living with a poor quality of life for a while now - not being able to walk anywhere without having pain in his chest and taking ages to walk short distances due to shortage of breath. The last thing he wanted was for this operation to be postponed. So we prayed!

Apparently there's an ideal level for blood clotting and therefore having an operation. We didn't know what it was but knew that God did (since He created it!) So we commanded my friend's blood levels to reduce immediately to the level they needed to be. We knew he was heading back to the hospital the next day for a further check up - we were looking for an instant breakthrough.

So, I got a text earlier today. My friend had gone to the hospital and the consultant had given him another blood test to check his blood levels. When the result came back the consultant was totally blown away. The blood levels had gone down to 2.6 within 24 hours of the first blood test result. The consultants response, 'this doesn't happen!' As it turns out my friend also found out the ideal level for blood clotting and therefore having an guessed it; 2.6! God had not only lowered my friend's blood levels, He had lowered them to exactly the right count! My friend is now miraculously all set for his operation next week. COME ON!