Saturday, 28 November 2009

Street Addresses and Miracles!

I had the privilege of speaking at a women's conference in Northampton on Friday night at Kingdom Life Church. I had such a lot of fun! As I was spending time with God the evening before I felt like He gave me some words of knowledge for the event. I love it when God speaks!

During the day on the Thursday at TSM I'd been teaching on how to grow in the prophetic and had talked about the importance of stepping out and taking risks. I love the fact (most of the time!) that when you teach on stuff you often then have to model what you've taught. One of the words of knowledge I felt that God gave me was a street address; 42 Victoria ___?___ (I couldn't decide if it was road or drive - neither really felt right) When I told a good friend of mine he suggested that I start the evening at the women's conference by bringing this word. My immediate reaction - FEAR! So I decided it would be a good thing to do!

So I brought the word and was totally blown away when a lady responded who lived in Victoria Gardens! She didn't live at number 42 but somehow that really didn't matter anymore. I got to prophesy over her about being royalty and having influence and she was moved to tears as God spoke into her situation. Wow!

I brought a couple of other words at the end of my talk. One about a frozen right shoulder which had restricted movement. A lady in the front row responded and I called a 13 year old girl to pray for her (I'd already prophesied over the girl about being used by God in a mighty way) After two bursts of prayer the shoulder was completely healed with full restoration of movement and no pain!

The other word of knowledge God gave me in the worship and was to do with someone who didn't have the ability to smell. To my surprise 3 woman responded. Later I heard that one of the women was also unable to taste but she had come to the meeting expectant of her healing armed with a bag of cola bottle sweets to test it out after prayer. Sure enough after she was prayed for and stuffed the cola bottle sweets into her mouth with excitement she discovered that she was completely healed! Yay God!

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suolwen said...

Wendy, I was there that night and was immensely blessed by the message you brought and for your refreshing down to earthness and honesty. I heard many women saying afterwards that we need more messages like that and I heartily agree. Thanks so much for coming and for being open to what the Lord was saying. He certainly used you to speak truth into those parts not often reached - a kind of spiritual Heineken! May the Lord continue to bless you as you press on in him.