Saturday, 7 November 2009

God Bless The Body Shop!

We did our first session 'on the streets' at TSM on Thursday - the first of many! God was incredibly faithful as always. Here is one of our encounters:

I had the clues Body Shop and Pain in Stomach. As we stood outside the Body Shop in town deciding who it was we should speak to, we noticed that all three Body Shop employees were standing together in the shop chatting - there we no customers and so we decided to see if they were the treasure.

We explained what we were doing and started going through the clues on our maps - the women were very open to chat. I got to my pain in stomach clue and one of the employees swiftly raised her hand to indicate that was her. As it turns out, she'd been to the hospital that very morning to have a blood test to see why she was having pain in her stomach...WOW!

We offered to pray - after a moments thought, she said no and we didn't push it - I'd love to know what goes on in people's heads when God picks them out in such a specific way! As we were leaving we asked them about how business was. They said it wasn't good and so we told them as we left we would pray for God's favour on the Body Shop. They seemed very grateful and blessed by the time we spent with them. We were really aware of God's presence in the shop as we spoke. Here's to business at the Body Shop being turned around to the glory of God! I intend to go back often to pray for blessing...feel free to join me!

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