Sunday, 8 November 2009

Pain went from 9.5 to 0!

Our most significant encounter during our first TSM treasure hunt happened towards the end of our time on the streets - several clues came together which led to a lady getting healed! Here's what happened:

For a while now I've felt stirred to pray for people I see around the town on crutches. As we were going treasure hunting I thought I might as well put crutches on my map and I felt God specifically talk to me about a knee injury. As we were nearing the end of our hunt we spotted a lady walking on crutches wearing a red coat. She stopped to chat to a friend by a wall and so we decided we'd go over and chat to her.

As we explained what we were doing, the lady on the crutches seemed very open and interested. It turns out that she'd already been stopped by another one of our teams who had already prayed for her. As we were going through other clues on our maps she told us that she knew we were from the King's Arms. I hadn't recognised her, but it turned out that she was the lady from Russell Park Baptist who had come along to the King's Arms a few months ago to share how God had healed her of near blindness (listen to her story here)

Ann was on crutches because she'd broken some bones in her foot and they weren't healing properly - her friend owned up to having the bad knees! She'd been on her feet all day and was in a lot of pain. As we looked more closely we could see that she wasn't putting any weight on her left leg. We proceeded to pray for healing for both ladies. (What was also fun was that I had the name William on my map. We found out that Ann's boyfriend is called William and her friend had been caring that very morning at work for two men, both called William!)

So we prayed - short and simple prayers. Ann's friend said she felt something shoot through her knee. As we encouraged her to move it she said the pain had reduced from 9.5 to 2. As we prayed again, the pain completely disappeared! Come on Jesus! Meanwhile Ann felt a vibration in her foot after prayer - we're waiting to hear what God has done there. Ann's friend; a pre-Christian (this is how Bethel refer to unbelievers and I love it!) was understandably totally blown away. We were able to tell her that God had picked her out and healed her because she was incredibly precious to Him. She was visibly moved. God is so good!

(Since this encounter, at the ladies day I was involved with in Chelmsford, I've prayed for two more women with knee problems and both have been healed. If you're reading this and you need healing in your knees...recieve it now in Jesus' name!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I am Anne's Brother in Law and want to confirm what you shared, Anne was so excited and thrilled about this encounter.
God is good... all the time.
Please continue to pray for her friend, who really needs God to work in her life and Annes b/f who is also a pre-believer but, we believe, close to knowing God for himself, having had soem contact with you lovely folk at Kings Arms, May God ciontinue to bless you in all that you do as you seek to share his love to those who dont yet know him.