Saturday, 14 November 2009

Accurate Words of Knowledge

One of the things God promised me through a prophetic word in the Summer of 2005 was accuarate words of knowledge - names; streets addresses;dates. For many years now I have been stepping out in bringing words of knowledge at church on a Sunday and I've seen a fair amount of accuracy, but to be honest I feel like I've been a little bit slack with my gift. I've often settled for the minimum amount of information without asking God for more details. Last night I feel like I went to a new level.

I went to Stamford with some friends of mine to minister to a church there. In the prayer time before the meeting I felt God give me 5 words of knowledge, 2 of which were pretty specific. As it got towards the end of the night I got to share what I felt God had given me. Here's what God did:

1) Someone in serious debt - Had the amount £30,000: An older couple responded and we got to pray for them for financial provision from God. I think this time I got the amount wrong, but God brought encouragement and grace to this precious couple who were counting the cost of supporting a troubled son.
2) Someone who used to do ballet who now suffered with bad ankles: No-one responded to the ballet part but we did get to pray for a lady with bad ankles
3) Someone who had only 40% lung efficiency: No-one responded to this at the time, but as we were praying for people later on a girl was 'dragged' over by her boyfriend. She used to be a dancer but has a condition that's basically eating away at all her muscles. The most recent part of her body to be affected were her lungs.
4) Someone who was feeling fearful about their womb area: A young mum reponded saying she'd been ill at the weekend and the doctors thought she may have a cyst on one of her ovaries. She was fearful it would affect her ability to have more children. We got to command healing to her womb and ovaries - she has further tests on Monday.
5) Someone for whom March 2007 was a really tough and painful time: A lady responded saying that March 2007 was the time that her marriage started to break down - her husband has recently filed for a divorce. We got to minister God's love and peace to her.

When I met with PJ (an Elder in our church) a few months ago, one of the challenges he set me was to fail miserably at least three times when bringing words of knowledge from the front of church. In other words, to really go out on a limb with specifics. The fun thing is that I have absolutely nothing to lose because my identity is secure in Jesus. What risks are you taking?


Matthew said...

It's soooo good reading a blog, from an English person, stepping out in words of knowledge! Really encouraging stuff.
I love the way your leader has encouraged you to make 3 mistakes... what a great security to know you can just go for it big time.

We had a guest service (part of the Front Edge weekend) last week and I brought some words where I felt out on a limb. I don't even know if anyone responded to them, but I just remind myself we are not called to be successful, but we are called to be obedient.

Keep telling the stories, its so encouraging and spurs us on.

Matt Payne

PS Sounds like you're really moving in the supernatural up there in Bedford. Love to hear more.

Timothy Wright said...

Thanks for your courage. Bless you as you press into him.

Kings Church